Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Randomness as Usual

It seems so long since being able to come on here and catch up. Each time I am able to sit down to the computer, emails take first priority. Then I am wisked away to daily tasks in life!

I was able to get out to Goodwill yesterday and picked up many goodies. I got a new Strong's Concordance. Our old one is missing the cover and has been greatly loved through the years. And it shows! Another great find was Matthew Henry's Bible Commentary. Then also a FABULOUS book on Biblical archeology. I have my nose in this one right now! It's amazing what has been found that corresponds with scriptures and PROVES that God's Word is truth. I also found the neatest recipe file with some good recipes to try, a 6 qt. crockpot, a decorative tin to add to my collection and another basket to add to another one of my collections! I found two pairs of shoes for Joy-Anna as well. All of this for just over $19! I love that place!

On Saturday we ripped up the carpet out of the diningroom/ old girl's room. I am so glad to be able to mop in there now. Until we get the tile laid we will have some retro flooring to stare out. Ha! The floor is avacodo green and orange. But hey, at least I can mop it!

We just purchased ceramic tile to lay in the dining, kitchen and pantry/back entry.
But before we do that we are prepping to tear down the wall in between the kitchen and dining room! I am excited to have one large room to congregate with family and friends. We are eventually going to have a bar in between the two areas to seat 6-7 more people and so I can look out into the dining area while cooking. Yay! Of course, this takes time and money. And we are very limited on both. :)

My new, experimental laundry schedule is working out well. The dirty clothes mountains haven't been bad and the clean clothes piles are non existant! I do still need to pack away fall and winter duds. Once I get to that it just might be too late! Ha!

Our garden has been wonderful. I am on a hoeing and weeding schedule and have been enjoying the time outdoors and watching the plants grow. We have green beans, squash, tomatoes, peppers, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes watermelon and cantelope growing. Hopefully the harvest will be plenty.

James has a very important, potentially life changing appointment at 2:00pm today. Please pray for the Lord's will in this! We are both very excited of how the Lord leads and are very excited to see progress in this area of our life. It seems like a long time of being in a type of wilderness in this area of our lives. We are listening and waiting to be lead out into a "good land". Sometimes the grass does seem greener elsewhere but then sometimes it's hard to see goodness in a present state as well.

Okay, I must go and get ready for a very full day. There's much cleaning, purging, organizing, planning, teaching, discipling, studying, and play to get done. The Lord IS good and I am thankful for all of his ways of blessing us. I see the word "blessing" used a lot across the web and I think that it's taken for granted a whole lot. But I for one can say that I think of the meaning of that word each time it's uttered. I truly do feel blessed and have many blessings! I don't deserve it all but am so glad that God has many forms of grace. I am humbled with everything and want to take it all in daily as I should.

Have a great day in God's goodness!

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Denise said...

Hi there!! Its been so long-- I do hope to be blogging a bit more, but as you mentioned there are so many other more important things calling for our attention.

I was glad to catch up a bit with your blog this morning while feeding a little one.

God Bless