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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello Blog World!

If nothing else, I will post for my own way of chronicling. I wouldn't be surprised if no one reads this. :) I am sure that anyone who read before thinks that I have totally abandoned ship. I was only at port for a little while but hopefully I can touch base more often. Ha!

Some very good news is that James was able to begin a new job. He is now with a gas company as a service technician. He will be used in many areas but mainly to install and repair gas appliances. We have been blessed with him being home most of the day on Fridays. So, we have become accustomed to have a full 2 1/2 day weekends. Beginning in October our Fridays may be taken away until the spring though. So we are enjoying this time right now. This company has been very good to James so far. We are pleased and pray for this to be a place that James will have security and a great career to see him through to retirement.

Our school year has been so good so far! I think that this has been the best year we've had as far as I can remember! We have five children being schooled full time and another who is getting her feet wet just for fun. I am hoping as Gloria gets older that school will be even easier to accomplish. She's at the age where she has to be constantly monitered for dangers and mischief!

Brittany is into her second year of high school and she's doing so much better than her first year. This year she's taking a writing course and has found a new love. She is turning out papers left and right. I have it to where she writes on her World History topics. So this piggy-backs her studies and saves time!

Dalton is cruising through his studies as usual. He's very self motivated and easy to teach. His favorite subject in school is grammar. Ironically his least favorite is probably math, of which he's good at.

Samuel has blessed me with progressing well. I can see what direction he's going this year and can almost see a vision of where he'll be at the end of the year. I am praying for us to keep progressing at this rate. Samuel has been one to struggle but I am glad to say that things are becoming smoother for him.

I am having many joys in teaching Bethany and Jesse as a pair. Jesse was ready for his studies a little later and Bethany a little earlier. So, here we are with them together! It's been interesting to teach them phonics and math together as a pair. I am excited for the progress I see that they can make this year.

Jesse has had a slight challenge in the dailies of schooling. He's had the "excitement" of him fracturing his arm. He has had a cast on his arm for three weeks now. Today I take him to get his cast off! I am hoping for a very good report from the doctor that Jesse's good to go.

Miss Joy-Anna is our sweet three year old who's ready to partake in preschool fun. She's constantly asking to do school. And who am I to hold her back? She very sharp so I see her being an early reader. We'll see!

In so many ways the Lord is guiding us and allowing us to grow. In so many ways we have been and are being molded by His mighty hand. He has brought us through shadows and dimmness. I am so happy to say that our lives are much brighter right now. There are wrinkles to iron out but overall it's all good. Maybe one day I will chronicle some of our journeys. Until then, could you please pray for these wrinkles?

Have a wonderful week in God's goodness!

Psalm 113


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
I think of you all often and was so glad to see this update.
What a blessing for the great job for James. This is wonderful and I know it gives you all a peace.
I love ya my friend.

Wykate said...

Love the new look of your blog, happy to hear you all are doing great, praising God for James's job, and will pray for your wrinkles ;)

Anonymous said...