Friday, January 1, 2010

Icky Waist Size/ Good Walk!

Okay, so I measured my "waist" this afternoon. ICK! I just wanted to sick and cry. I am at 39". Good grief, I feel like a fat, beer bellied man who would wear size 40 pants. I. am. disgusted.

In good news, I power-walked a whole hour today! Yay, me! I put in 3.32 miles and burned 403 calories. That is to make up for yesterday, of which I didn't exercise at all unless you include the leg lifts I did while watching the news. With figuring that a pound consists of 3500 calories, I have a lot of walking to do.

I am not into neccessarily changing what I eat as I think our family consumes a good balance of everything. So, what I have been trying to do the past week or so is once again controlling portions.

Enough of diet talk for today! We are going to begin the second half of our school year on Monday. Yes! I am ready to get going again. After a three week break we need to march on to spring break...of which I think we'll just make that a 3 day weekend...unless we head off to the usual camp meeting and then we'll have a 5 day break. :D

So this afternoon/evening I need to finalize our schedule to coincide with our chore charts. Have a blessed evening!

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