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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

This will probably be a very quick post as we have a whole lot to get done most any day! We still have been getting over this horrid flu that decided to pass by our way. Both of Brittany's eardrums ruptured and she's still dealing with the healing. She's on antibiotics for another two days and we're praying that this will take care of it all. She's having a lot of neck pain and we are thinking it's her glands and lymph nodes in her neck due to the infection.

School had been being very slow due to the sickness. We are getting back on track full swing now. I am implementing more of Charlotte Mason's methods. I have always been a stickler for living books but am now implementing more copywork and narration. I believe that we will all enjoy this way of learning so much more...or should I say that we will enjoy LEARNING so much more than just parroting back facts just long enough to pass tests. :)

I have been holding steady at 150 for a while now and am ready to move down. I think I might go ahead and make the 140s by Monday.... hopefully. I usually do lose some then hold stead in maintenance for a while and then lose a bit more... I guess I am practicing maintaining. :) Our Wii has been shipped off to get repaired and so I don't have it to use as a digital scale. So I am using the old scale and have to guess more at the actual weight. Hopefully we'll get the Wii back very soon.

James is looking at beginning Bible college very soon and I am SO excited for him! This is something that he's wanted to do for a very long time and I am so glad that he's about to do this for himself... and for HIMself too. :)

I guess to get my ducks in a row I will make a short to do list on here. I sometimes like to type it here or on paper. So here it is:

~ Bible with the boys
~ copywork with the boys
~ fold and put away laundry
~ Math with each of the children
~ Science story with the boys
~ Phonics with Jesse and Beth
~ Preschool with Joy
~ Make list for Britt's physical science as to what books to get at the library
~ 15 minutes cleaning in master bedroom
~ quick tidy the LR
~ maintain kitchen
~ make lunch(sandwiches and ramen) and supper(mac and cheese pie, smoked sausage and green beans)
~ iron clothes
~ keep the children going on their chores

Have a great day!

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