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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Menu Time!

One of my most favorite things to do is to create menus from food we've "gathered" through sales and such. It's my heart's desire to always, always, always use the money that my husband has worked so hard for to ssttttrrrreeeeettttcccchhhh! I want to work just as hard (okay, harder because I am stubborn and almost prideful to a fault) in stretching the money as he does in making it. This is not only in our groceries but in clothes and household needs, etc....anything that I can stretch it in! I have been blamed for going overboard in this area. When I see this in my oldest girl sometimes I think it's scary. :)

Anyway, so here's our menu for the next two weeks. I haven't gone much past that except for Jesse's birthday is on the 26th. He wants shrimp as his birthday meal. Aaahhh, a child after his mother's own heart.

Breakfast (2/4-2/18)

cereal, muffins,oatmeal, pancakes, eggs and bacon in english muffins, cream cheese on toast, fruit


pig in the blankets (2X)
chicken sandwiches
pb&J and popcorn (2X)
sandwiches from leftover meat from supper list
fish sandwiches (2X)
vegetable soup (I plan on canning several jars to have ahead of time)(2X)
leftover pizza
leftover whatever is....leftover :)
bbq weanies and simple make and cheese


roast and veggies (2X)
roast soup with some leftover roast
chili cheese fries
turkey, squash casserole, green beans
turkey soup(from leftover turkey)
meatball stew
pizza(2X), salad
BBQ lil smokies, mac and cheese, salad
vegetable soup
taco salad
chicken and tortillas (crockpot, therefore for Sunday)


fresh fruit
fresh, cut up veggies
nachos and cheese
string cheese

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