Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I have always loved reading Kitchen Tip Tuesday based from Tammysrecipes.com but have never participated. Hopefully I can do so more now. So I am excited to join in for the first time!

We eat a lot of muffins in our house but tend to eat a variety to keep boredom at bay. Whenever I bake a massive amount at once to freeze for later, I mix a very large amount of a basic recipe. Then I split the large batch into smaller batches and add in additional ingredients to make various muffins. For example, I'll dip some basic batter into one bowl and then add blueberries. Then some more basic batter into a bowl and add oatmeal and cinnamon. Then again to add chocolate chips. This helps to whip up a month's supply of muffins in no time. So instead of mixing up the whole batter several times, time is saved by doing it only once.

Please go to http://www.tammysrecipes.com/node/3811 to find more wonderful tips to help you along in your kitchen endeavors! Happy tipping!


Tammy L said...

Susan, I think this is a great tip! Thanks for joining us this week! :D


Anonymous said...

Would love the recipe for the basic muffins... and the add-ins to your basic recipe.

I'm a muffin-a-holic!!

aka foxxyroxie64@yahoo.com