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Friday, April 9, 2010

Today's House Blessing Day!

So, today's Friday and that means it's houseblessing day! Usually we have a big one on Friday and a small one on Monday to recover from the weekend. I like to lay out a basic plan of what is needed the most. You know, today seems like a pretty full day.

Cleaning Schedule (April 09, 2010)

Livingroom: 10 minutes (Dalton)

Stairwell: 5 minutes (Samuel)

Schoolroom: 10 minutes (Dalton)
- clear floor
-straighten and organize books
-clean off computer table, wipe down with Clorox wipe
-clean computer screens
-close closet doors

Playroom: 10 minutes (Jesse, Bethany)
- pick up toys

Master bedroom: 10 minutes (Mom)

Children's bedrooms: 10 minutes (Samuel: boys, Bethany: girls)

Bathrooms: 10 minutes (Britt, Mom)
tub, toilet, counters, sweep, trash can

Kitchen: 30 minutes (Mom, Britt)
- all dishes
- disinfect counter tops
- wash out trash can

Front porch: 10 minutes (Mom)

Yard: 30 minutes
-weed eat (weed eat)
-finish moving 3 construction piles (boys)
-finish up last bit of mowing (Mom)

vacuum: 10 minutes (Jesse)
-schoolroom and living room rug, cracks in wood flooring

mop: 1 hour
- kitchen, living room, dining room bathrooms(Mom, 30 min.)
- bedrooms (Samuel, 15 min.)
- playroom, stairs, hall (Bethany 15 min.)

dust: 10 minutes (Jesse)
-use wool duster only

laundry room: 30 minutes
-Dalton boys' clothes
-Brittany girls' clothes

In addition to this, we have school! That will take another few hours. Then tonight is pizza night, of which I hope to have going by 4:30.

Oh and I forgot to add to our food expenditures a big bad of dog food at $14.98 and James hit the produce stand yesterday. That was $9.53. I'll add it to the total later.

Have a great Friday in the Lord~! It's time to put our working clothes on! :)

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