Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Shopping Needs

Here's some more items that was purchased for this month.

4 cans green chiles



Packaged lettuce mix
Mt. Dew



4 cans pasta sauce
tostada shells
2 packs of notecards
canned jalapeno peppers
lasagna noodles
big bag pintos
bag great northern beans
2 packs tortillas
1 roll paper towels

Semi total for month so far:


The good news is that the month is 1/4 of the way through! Bad news is that I goofed at Aldi and bought .99 cent cans of all white tuna. I thought that I had cheap tuna. Turns out that what's even worse is that I found out that we don't even like expensive tuna! Ick.

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Anonymous said...

You can bring it back to Aldis and get your money back in full. They even say double if you don't like it.