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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's List

Here we are again on Friday. The weeks just fly by! I wanted to lay out our plan for the day. There's so much to do and so if I don't have it layed out we will have a wasted day.

For school for everyone I want to work on everyone's math, ready, spelling and Bible. We are whinding down for this school year but we are only going to take a 3-4 week break and then begin again. That way we can have more time off as we choose later. Even during our break I will still work with the younger ones on their reading.

Oh, where was I? Yes, that's right, on today's list! So here's our chore list.

laundry room duties (30 minutes)
Clean kitchen (45 minutes)
mop floors (15 minutes)
Living room (15 minutes)
Master Bath (10 minutes)
Master bedroom (10 minutes)

Main bath (15 minutes)
girl's room (15 minutes)
fold girl's clothes (15 minutes)

glass clean all needed windows, screens, etc. (15 minutes)
boys' room (15 minutes)
clean out van (10 minutes)

take out food scraps (5 minutes)
fold boys' clothes (10 minutes)
sweep dining room floor (5 minutes)
rake Sheba's pen and clean up (10 minutes)

trash (10 minutes)
feed chickens, gather eggs (5 minutes)


unload DW, 2X (15 minutes)

wipe diningroom table and chairs (10 minutes)


"help Mama or Brittany to stay out of harm's way

We're having pizza tonight and I'll be doing the honors along with a chosen helper, depending on how children's moods are tonight. :)
Happy Friday!

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