Friday, May 21, 2010

Fabulous Thursday!

Wow, at the end of this day I feel so good about it. There are a lot of days that I feel as if I didn't accomplish anything and feel sort of down but not today! Oh, my house is a MESS and that's to be taken care of today but still so much was accomplished.

I got up as usual with James and made his breakfast and lunch. I was still very groggy so lied down for just about an hour more. Once back up I made the children's breakfast of french toast. I then did Bible study with the boys. We learned about how to be a Noah (obedience without complaining). Then it was time to wash clothes. Since our washer was currently "busted" ( the children calls anything busted that doesn't work) I did two loads in the tub. All I have to say is, praise God for washing machines! Brittany was kind enough to finish wringing out the clothes and hang them on the line. Then I worked on phonics and spelling with Jesse and Bethany. By then it was lunchtime-- hot dogs it was. We all quickly got ready to hit the road for a long ride to get the part to repair the washer.

Once in the van I realized that we needed gas. So we got gas, went to the ATM for cash and was off to the "big city". 45 minutes later we were at the parts place. On the way back we stopped in at Aldi to do our monthly grocery shop. We did this a week early since Brittany is having oral surgery on Tuesday and since we were already right there at Aldi, of which is a good 25 minute drive away. Once we had two carts full of groceries we were on the road again. Oh yeah, the good deal of the day was they had bread on sale for .10 each and hamburger buns for .25 each! No kidding! I picked up 19-20 loaves of bread. Usually I buy 15 at once so I didn't go too overboard. :)

Next stop was the library. Only the two oldest went in today and I stayed in the van with the others. Next three of the children says they have to "go" so I take them in the library to do so.

After we all were done there we came on home and unloaded the groceries. Whew! Then I set to work to replace the washing machine part. Little rant here: I DO NOT LIKE FRONT LOADERS! I HOPE WE NEVER BUY ONE AGAIN. THEY ARE OVER-RATED! So once I got the part replaced I needed to park myself in front of the washer to make sure I didn't goof. I wouldn't want any hoses coming off and flooding the place! All was well and the washer worked. Thank the LORD! So I washed, dried and folded three loads.

Brittany was gracious enough to prepare supper for us- a yummy meal of sloppy joes and chips. She's becoming quite the cook.

After supper James and I went outside with a few of the littles. We gathered eggs from the hens and worked in the garden for just a few minutes. I sure hope our potatoes won't take much longer to do ready! I cut James hair and he helped me move another cabinet into an empty corner of the kitchen. It didn't take long to fill that up! Oh, I didn't tell you? I will have to concoct another post on that very subject then! Afterwards I worked on kitchen design plans and then called it a night. :) So that was the day in a nutshell. That was in addition to correcting and loving the children throughout the day. Could Friday be even a tad as good as Thursday? Let's hope and see!

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