Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

My two youngest treasures

I hope that you all had a wonderful day in the Lord yesterday! I certainly did. James was home a lot of the day yesterday and we enjoyed the children together. Just a simple thought; We bought this house over 17 years ago. One thing that made me fall in love with this house was all of the beautiful antiques that the previous owners had here. It really dressed up the place! For years I thought of having the house once again filled up with pretty antiques. The years went quick and babies came almost as fast. Instead of antiques our money and time has been invested in children. I am so happy! Antiques may be old but they are not eternal like our children. My house might not be full of antiques but it's full of children.

I think that I am done with our month's worth of shopping. I think I went over by $18. Our month's total for groceries is $568. Maybe next month will come out better! That begins in two weeks. We'll see!

A few of the last items bought to last this month were really great deals. I told you of the milk I got reduced. Well, on that same trip I was able to get a roast on quick sale. The date was still good for another two days but I set to work cooking it right away. I did sort of a crockpot fajitas. Yes, another way to use those green peppers! :) This meal cost all of $6 as the roast was just a little over $4 and tortillas, lettuce and sour cream is quite cheap! Topped with cheese and we are set.

A wonderful thing about living close to a year round produce stand is that a lot of times their prices are unbeatable. As you know, we drink a lot of breakfast shakes. One way we have them so affordably is buying the bananas on quick sale. I bought all of these bananas for .20 a pound. Yes, they look beyond edibility but once frozen, they are perfect in shakes or banana nut bread!

I am coming up with new ways to get more things done. Here's a checklist that I am trying out. I got it from the Keeping the Home website. The link to this site/blog is on my sidebar. Candy has some printable charts to help you along in your homemaking endeavors. One thing I did differently is instead of using more ink to print out a chart daily, I put it in a clear sheet protector and use a Vis-a'-Vis marker, which is a small pointed wet erase marker, to check off what I've done and write additional notes below. At the end of the day I can wipe it clean and write the next day's goals again.


AntfarmMom said...

That is an excellent idea on the sheet protector! I must try that. I use steno pads because I like to go back sometimes and see when I called a certain place or what day I ordered something...that is just the way I keep track of things. Probably a better system but I am used to that.

I love your little treasures! They are so beautiful!

tiffibug said...

Susan, I'm not sure if you remember me or not, I'm Tiffani(tiffibug) from the Homestead message board.

I was scrolling down reading this post and my baby, Phoebe, saw the pic of your girls. She grinned, clapped and giggled at them. She just loves other babies and children.