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Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello! I'm Here!

It has been a long time of not blogging. That's not by choice but we have been very busy. We had one week where we took a wonderful day trip, of which when we came back we had a death in the family of which took up the rest of the week. Our niece passed away at the very young age of 18.

This past week has been spent getting our chore schedules back on track. Also, we're trying to integrate our school schedules in with that. You see, our baby girl will be two in September. Things are getting easIER now
It would seem that I could handle a smaller baby much better than a 2+ year old but not so for me. :) During babyhood(0-2years) I always felt as if I were in a fog and swamped, with no energy for little else but the basics. Basics= three meals a day, enough clothes on our backs to be presentable, and the house clean enough to keep DHEC out of our business. Basics can also put you into a slump. :( Basics are good but not for a lifestyle. Basics are good when in emergency mode during a crisis.

In between our 5th and 6th child we lost a baby at 18 weeks gestation. So there was a bigger gap in between those two children. I remember once again the house being back up to par, meals served in a timely fashion, school done with joy and feeling almost.....bored. Ha! That's ironic considering we had five children of which we homeschooled. Of course I was busy but it seemed in comparison to what I was used to things were way easy. Surely I didn't miss feeling wigged out all the time. :)

Okay, so I haven't gotten to the boredom stage yet. Ha~! Still things are getting easier. For that I am thankful. So the engine is beginning to run smoothly, we are setting our rhythms and our days are beginning to flow better. I like this feeling.

Things are NOT perfect. I never claimed perfection. We are very real and normal. I am thankful for that. So hopefully I can show our home in a realistic fashion to you in hopes of being an encouragement and maybe even sharing ideas as well. I think we all take for granted our daily lives and get so used to our ways of making things happen that we forget that maybe others don't know how to do things this way or that way.

So, Lord willing, we can encourage one another week by week. Until then, I pray that you all out there can gain your rhythm, be the wife and mother that God intended for you to be as well. I pray for you to be encouraged and when it just comes down to the basics, gain strength in the Lord. Kudos to you all who are running close to the mark. I hope to gain better timing in this race as well. :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the loss of your neice :(.

I understand about " good enough" when it comes to homemaking. It's hard to get in the right swing of things but when it happens it's great.

Praying for you and yours!