Thursday, August 19, 2010

Modest Ladies Survey=

Children on the beach...

I found this on Candy's blog. The link to her blog is on my sidebar (Keeping the Home). I thought it'd be interesting to participate.

Do you wear makeup? Yes, I do. I try to wear my makeup in a modest fashion though. My husband likes me in it...I like me in it...everyone likes me in it. I've worn it since I was a young teen and while I don't wear as much as I used to, I do feel more dressed while wearing it. How's that for a modesty answer? :D

Do you wear a head covering? Currently, no I do not. I did years ago in the past. The passage of scripture dealing with headcovering is very hard to interpret. I still am not sure of what is exact in this area. All I know is that scripture is clear on a woman having long hair and that this is our covering as well. For an additional covering, I do not know if it's mandatory. At the time I thought it was, I did wear one. I have no problems with anyone who does wear one as I've been down that path before.

Do you wear dresses? Yes, I wear dresses or skirts all the time except for when sleeping or bathing. Early mornings I may put on exercise pants(look like leggings) under my skirt while doing a bit of yoga. This is for modesty reasons. I have sons in the house, ya' know! They are usually in bed but who knows when the early birds will arise. :) Everything else, the girls and I wear dresses/skirts all the time. I run/walk and lift weights in my skirts. My oldest daughter helped re-roof the house in her skirts/dresses. We have climbed ladders, added on over 1200 square feet to our home and many more things in a dress/skirt. If you are in God's will, it'll work!

Do you wear a modesty vest over your dresses or a cape dress? No, I do not. I do double cover a lot, for modesty reasons. Typically though modesty vests and cape dresses are for Mennonites and Amish. I like the style though!

Do you wear stockings or knee socks for added modesty? No, I do not. My dresses are plenty long enough to keep my lower limbs modest. With that said, as with headcoverings, modesty vests and stockings; If I were going to an event such as to my Mennonite friend's church and they would be offended in my not wearing these things, I would put them on! I would not in any way want to offend my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I do not think this is hypocritical...

Do you wear open toed shoes? Yes, I do. In fact, in the summertime the only closed toed shoes would probably be my running shoes.

Do you sleep in your head covering? I don't wear a cloth covering and since it's kinda hard to remove my hair at night, I guess I do! :) Good thing because the best times for prayer for me is in the middle of the night.

Do you wear modest swimwear? Yes, absolutely. I plan on putting in a big Wholesomewear order for the girls and I after the first of the year. They usually have a big discount on swimwear in the winter months. We have swam in our cotton dresses before. It's heavy once out but we are not weighed down while in the water. Wholesomewear is pricey but we have four girls and feel its money well invested. I should be able to wear mine until it wears out.
Also, we have our own private pool (when it's not green...haha) with a privacy fence around it. So while we would not be an exhibit to others in our modest clothing, others will not be an exhibit to us. Even when going to the beach, we are fully clothed and only attend beaches where that is the trend.

Jewelry? Yes, I do like jewelry! We do not wear earrings or practice any piercing practices in our family.

Do you have a TV? Yes, we do. We were 100% tv free except for an occasional video for 8 years. Now we watch some educational television. It's disheartening though because it seems foul language is excepted too much now, thus it leaks into the tv. The few shows we chose to watch, fortunately, do not have foul language or immodesty. A rule of thumb for us is that we will not have potty mouths in our house in any way. We are also trying out Netflix. We enjoy it so far.

Do you have worldly magazines and books in your home? Hmmm...I was trying to think of what I'd consider worldly. No, I don't think so. I will give you specifics of what we get. We get Better Homes and Gardens (I am about to stop this one though) and Highlights. I like country decorating magazines! I might subscribe to one of those again soon...that or Farm and Ranch. For many years I subscribed to Taste of Home as well. Then all of the recipes began looking the same so I quit. I may go back to them one day. When I think of worldly magazines I think of Hot Rod or Playboy...NO WAY!!!

Do your children have worldly toys and interests?
The closest thing to worldly that I think we'd have would be the Wii system. Most of the children play some video games and we play some sports on it. As for other toys, no I don't think so. They boys play different ball games outside, they like cars, dinosaurs, pistols, swords, bows and arrows, cowboy and army things. The girls are into baby dolls (no Barbies!), kitchen play, Potato heads, dress up clothes, playhouse, etc. They all like blocks.

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