Saturday, September 11, 2010

When the Boys Are Gone the Girls....Clean

Jesse took great pleasure in preparing the table for his oldest brother's supper meal. This was the way he served his family that day. It warmed my heart! Didn't he do good setting the table? Please excuse the construction mess. Looooonnnnnnggggg story short; this used to be the girls' room before we added on a few years ago. Now it is the diningroom. See the mauve wallpaper? That' NOT staying. Actually the wall to the right is not staying either. That is coming down as the kitchen is on the other side. So then we'll have one bigger kitchen/dining room combo, with a small peninsula dividing the two- right where that wall is. See the boards in the left hand corner? Those came from the old cabinets being taken out of the kitchen that is being replaced slowly but surely. I'm sorry. What did you say? The green flooring? Oh yeah, that was what we found under the mauve carpet that was in there when it was the girl's room. Purrrty ain't it? We have ceramic tile to put in eventually....someday....hopefully....if we ever get to it. :) The doors on the left are fairly new. I like them a lot! The tower bookshelf on the right corner holds my cookbooks. I had twice as many but purged.

Good Saturday to ya! I hope that everyone here has had an excellent week. God has been so good to us. The Lord be magnified in all the goodness He gives! We did have a quiet week and, boy, did I enjoy it! I don't do too well in a lot of chaos and busy-ness. I can handle it for so long and then I get shorted out. Oh sure, a few events out and about does good for the mind but home is always best!

We were able to cross some hurdles this week in schooling. It does this mama good to see progress in her children's schooling. It's amazing as sometimes when we take a short break from a task that was giving a child a problem, and then we come back to it, sometimes it has mysteriously developed or clicked in their minds. For instance, our 11 year old has never been a great speller. I thought, "oh Lord, You must help! This child cannot go through life without knowing how to spell!". I'd bite my nails and I am sure have a few more gray hairs just wondering what to do about it. Well, over the summer his mind must have had little workers in there wiring his brain because he's doing SO MUCH better. Praise God! The same goes for math as well.

As for next week, I am hoping for even another quiet week. I do know that on Tuesday we have a dentist appointment for two of our children. That shouldn't cause too much havoc I suppose. :D I am hoping for another more settled week of choring and schooling. Each is indeed a full time job.

So, do you like the new look of my online home? My oldest helped me redecorate! I like the crisp, clean look of the white. Funny as it's so different from our house, which is more like country-eclectic! Still, there's something about the white that is relaxing to my mind.

Today the fellows are at the church having a men's workday. With them gone it'll be just us five girls. I am hoping to have a cleaning marathon though hopefully in a fun way. I figure it like this; if you have daily tasks that God gave you and they might not be too pleasant, then MAKE them pleasant! Turn on some music to set your thoughts on things above, meditate on God's Word, have pleasing scents in your home to revive your mind, take joy in pretty things in your home, make a game out of your chores.... I tell the children that life is full of work and so we might as well enjoy it. It's all in what we make it!

Okay, so I'd better go. In the midst of this cleaning I hope to post again on our laundry room. Hmm... hopefully. :) Have a wonderful weekend in the Lord!

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