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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our Washroom/ Laundry System

Okay, so here's the good, the bad and the dirty...our laundry room/family closet. :)
We run loads through here six days a week. Usually we have 2-3 a day unless we have extra bed clothes to do. I wash mine and hubby's clothes on Saturday and Wednesday. On those days I usually get everyone's clothes ready for church. Our oldest girl washes the girls' clothes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Oldest boy washes the boys' clothes on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes they don't take the initiative to get started and I start it for them. Then they have to finish it.

Coming into the washroom this is what you usually see. In those baskets are underwear to be put away, one basket of girls' clothes to be put away and one boys' basket to be put away.

Turning to your right, this is what you will see. The wooden closet holds extra hangers and the drawers holds the children's socks, underwear, ties and belts. On top of that little closet and the containers on the right have the out of season/ out of size clothing. In the very right hand corner is more construction stuff from our addition. :/

We keep the childrens clothes stored in bins on this metal shelf along with the hanging rods. Each child gets a bin. It's fast and efficient to immediately fold the clothes and toss them in a bin or hang them up. There's no more of taking clothes out of this room to fold and put more stacks of clothes left all around the house!

Here's our washer and dryer. I am thankful for them both. With that said, I miss my top loader! If/ when we need another washer I want a top loader again. Front loaders are not what they are cracked up to be. Anyway, the dirty clothes for the children are to the left of the washer. The cubby hole comes from the children's bathroom. In the children's bathroom there is a bin that stays in a cabinet in which they toss their clothes in. Once that bin is full they put another bin in front of it and it pushes the full bin out into the washroom through the cubby hole. I had a dream about doing this when we were building the addition. It works well.
On top of the washer we have a lot of cleaners. I use both homemade store bought detergent. If I find a good deal in the store bought then that's what we use. If not I use our homemade of which I store in ice cream buckets. On the dryer, I have a basket of rags used for cleaning. I rewash the rags and toss them back in the basket for cleaning again.

I need to add that hubby and I still transport our dirty clothes from our bathroom to the washroom. Then once laundered, I take our clothes back to our bedroom. The family closet is mainly just for the children. I guess that concludes my laundry system. It's a system that is right for our family.

If you'd like to see how other families deal with their laundry, please go to She is part of a group of four moms who have tremendously useful tips on how to run an efficient household for large families. Please go and check out what they have to share. If this link does not work, then please look for the link in my side bar at In A Shoe. Thanks!


Joede said...

You will have to tell me why you prefer a top loader over your front loader, because I have been wishing for a front loader and now you have made me question my wishes (giggle). I have six kids and we are constantly fighting with laundry, the laundry is winning. I desire a family closet and will one day have one, of course I expect that will happen once the last child moves out of the house lol. Glad I found the link to your blog. I am now a follower!

Anonymous said...

Your new blog look is great!
I told my DH just this week the very same thing about front/top loaders. Ours quit draining (clogged with bobby pins,coins, and wrappers...oh, and a sock)I was already plotting a new top loader. But, it was a quick and cheaper fix.
What I don't care for in my front loader:
I cant soak anything. I have to get on my knees to get into the unit. Stuff is always getting stuck in the "boot" (rubber thing around the door) and at times a bit of mold on the "boot" making it more work to get it clean.
What I like about it:
A lot less water used. No agitator (makes it easier on the clothes). Can have a extra hot setting (we didn't get).

Have a great Lords day!
momtogirls5(and a son-in-law)

Carrie said...

I am so happy I didn't replace my top loader with a front loader. My laundry room isn't set up so I could leave the door open, and I have read quite a few reviews where people complain of mold in the door seal.

Seasons of Life said...

I am very happy with our Fisher Paykel top loading washer & front loading dryer. They definately have served (and Lord willing will continue to) our family well. I was way back when contemplating a front loading washer, but since reconsidered due to some of the same concerns.

You have a great space for doing your laundry and I personally like the ease for (dirty) children to enter straight in the laundry room from outside. How convenient!

Blessings ~

Divamom said...

Like your system! Be Blessed!