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Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday!

Sheba peeking into the livingroom

Happy Friday, everyone! I pray that you all are having a great day so far. Ours has basically just begun but I am hoping for a good one. I have a lot on the agenda. Fridays are our busiest days as we are trying to wrap up our home school week and also prepare for the weekend. Also, as some of you dedicated readers know, I have been trying out having a day of rest. Yay! I did have a few weeks in there were it just wasn't happening. Praise God for the Sabbath being for me and not me for the Sabbath. It would have been good if it would have worked out.... Still I am hoping for it to this week.

As far as preparing this week, here is my rather long list to get done before this evening.
~ cleaning living room (15 minutes)
~ bedrooms (everyone works, 15 minutes)
~bathrooms (15minutes)
~organize school books to rest for the weekend :D
~mop any floors that needs it (I am thinking dining room, mudroom, living room and red bathroom)
~Prepare clothes for church on Sunday, and visitation tomorrow
~take chickens out of freezer to grill tomorrow, make coleslaw,rice and gravy
~clean any needed glass

I am thinking this all will take about four hours BUT I will have all work done ahead for the next day or two. The house will be mostly clean and I can relax more that way. Now, this is MY list. Don't you think another second the children are kicking back and sipping sweet tea while I slave away. Large families don't work like that. :) Here's a list for the children.

~maintain loading and unloading dishwasher(this is done at least twice a day)
~oldest is making supper tonight of pizza
~playroom to be picked up
~bedrooms are occupant's responsibility
~yard cleanup, porch and deck swept
~van cleaned out

On top of this I need to run to our local supermarket and dollar store to pick up a few much needed items. Also, I estimate a few hours of school in as well. Here's the school hit list.

~Math for all
~Old Testament History, science, geography for 13yob
~geography, Spanish for 16yog
~reading, spelling, penmanship, math for 11yob,8yob,6yog
~phonics,colors and counting for 4yog

So that about settles it. It's a very labor intensive day but, boy howdy, how good it feels to have the house comfortably clean and a great school week wrapped up successfully. Most food prep will be done so it's a frugal way to take off instead of forking out big bucks to eat in a restuarant (restuarant is showing up on spell check but honestly, is this not how you spell it? I will have to check this out).

Okay, so I'm off to get started. Have a wonderful day in the LORD!


Melanie said...

What a cute picture! I have three pets of my own and they sure keep life interesting!
Sounds like you have had a busy day.
I hope you can get some rest this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

restaurant :)