Monday, November 15, 2010


I am trying to get pumped up about it being Monday. To tell you the truth, it's almost 10:00am and besides having breakfast and my loading the diswasher, I haven't done a thing. So I really need to make the rest of this day count. It does seem that almost each Monday morning is like this. I can't understand why.

I trust that everyone had a great weekend. We surely did. God is so good to us in so many small and big ways. We had our usual pizza night Friday night and watched a movie. Then we had church visitation on Saturday morning. Someone actually came to church yesterday as a result of that. Funny as she didn't seem too interested when my hubby and daughter went to her house but she surprised us! Last month we had a fellow who I thought for sure was going to visit but he never did...yet anyway. You never know people really.

So here's today and here's my list to get done.

~laundry---this is a very serious need. The state of this department is in a dire emergency. It seems that the laundry maids have abandoned their posts. They will not be happy to know that it's catch up day.

~change sheets on our bed, inspect others' sheets due to any accidents made(huge sigh)

~ general pick up in each room

~ 2 hours of school instruction

~ move outside construction piles to....somewhere (nervous laugh)

~ assign "keepers" ...more on this later

~ cook supper and clean up kitchen

~relocate boards in the kitchen to....umm....the dining room?

~mop the kitchen and mud room

That's well enough for me. Have a blessed Monday in the richness of God's grace.

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