Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Weekend and Fun Finds

We had our annual Christmas play at church yesterday. We are hoping that someone saw the play and it made them think of why we celebrate Christmas. I have quite a few pictures but unfortunately cannot share them as they have children of other families in them as well. I will one day sit and play with how to edit out other people's faces in order to not infringe on their privacy. :)
Here's two of our crew goofing off before the play.

Here's our baby. She handed out programs this year. Now that this is over I think *we* can now focus more on Christmas. I dislike hectic holidays and am hoping for a calm one.

I was able to do a little junkin' at a local thrift shop this past week. I found this really nice stained glass, lighted tea pot. I snagged it for $3. Theses are selling on Ebay for a pretty penny. Not that I really care but was curious and checked. The cord is long enough for it to reach on the top of our kitchen cabinets.

I also found this really cute snowman. I think he'll be moved around quite a bit but he rests on our kitchen counter top for now. He cost only $1.

I also picked up two pieces of copper ware to go with my collection. They were only .50 each. So in all, I spent $5 on some goodies for the home. That's always fun.

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MamaAnt said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend! That family of yours is darling!

Thank you for praying for me.