Friday, January 21, 2011

Bethany had a wonderful birthday! We spent most of the day away from home. We hit TWELVE stops while in town. Yes, that's right. Twelve....
Bethany picked out a pretty bike as her present. We also went in to the Dollar Tree. As a sort of "family party" each of the children could pick out some goodies.
We were gone from home for 6 1/2 hours total. Talk about being whipped! Then we still needed to unload the groceries and I started supper. We had pork loin, sweet potato casserole and salad. We had the ice cream pies for dessert. I'll post the simple directions for these on another post.

Friday was spent trying to get some school in. It seemed like an off day. No, not a day off. Just an off kind of day. I was dragging with not much energy and school was a slight battle. I think that school was hard going because we were off the previous day for Bethany's birthday. So the children were still in that mode. Also, it seemed that nothing was so easy. We had a hard time finding our books or there'd be multiple interruptions, etc. Praise God for the smooth days or we home school moms would stay discouraged! I now go in with the mind that there's just going to be days like these! Every job has it's down days.

So, of course we had pizza last night. It was Friday! :) After supper, the children watched a movie, I listened to a book on tape on raising boys and James did a little of each along with removing a few boards out of the kitchen to take down the wall. I also worked on planning high school courses for Brittany and Dalton. What a task!

Today James and the boys are cutting and loading more wood. I think that they are taking a load to his mother's house. James brother put in a fireplace for her to burn wood, to save on her energy bill. So James helps out with supplying wood as he can. This morning I worked on putting together Sunday School presents for the children. Most of them can now recite the Old and New Testament books! Yay!
I have also been preparing clothes for this coming week. We have a missions revival this week, that runs through Wednesday, each night. Next, I'll be cleaning the living room and load the dishwasher. Then it'll be time for Brittany and I to go get our hair cuts. Bethany is going with us as part of her birthday present. This will be her first professional cut! We are driving to a new place (same hair dresser though) and want to allow plenty of time to get there. It should take about 30 minutes or so. This is a huge treat as we don't go very often. At least now we are going more than we used to. :)

This evening, James and I will study for Sunday School and I will begin preparing a meal for church tomorrow. We have the privilege to eat with the missionary evangelist and wife, our Pastor and family, and another family in the church.

So, for supper tonight??? Hmmmm,................................
maybe grilled chicken salad.


Cheryl said...

I have started to read your entry several times and kept getting interrupted. It sounds like a few busy days. It is harder to get back into the routine of school after a fun day off.

The ice cream pies look wonderful. I hope that you have a great meal tomorrow with the visitors. Have a great day as you worship the Lord.


Dana said...

Her birthday sounded really busy but I think those yummy looking icecream pies made it all better!! Hope you had a great weekend!!