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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I hope that you all are having a great Thursday. It always seems as our second Monday because it's the day after our mid-week church services. :) So it sometimes seems we are getting another fresh start on Thursdays.

I am going to begin The Mystery of History and The Scientist's Apprentice with my 6,8,and 11 year olds. The older ones had went through these and now it's time to begin again. Actually the 11 year old had done some with the older ones but it's been a while so it'll be as beginning anew with him as well. The 6 and 8 year olds seem to have really gotten into spelling! I am so happy for that as well.

I went ahead and did most of today's kitchen work at lunchtime. Remember the beans I cooked in the roaster yesterday? Well, we had bean burritos for lunch today and will have beans with mexican sausage, fried potatoes and cornbread for supper. I went ahead and cooked the sausage and peeled the potatoes to fry later, seasoned the beans, and made cornbread for tonight. While I was heating the stove to bake the cornbread I made up two dozen chocolate chip muffins for tomorrow's breakfast. Brittany sliced and rinsed the potatoes and then put them in ice water while I made James' lunch for tomorrow. Our six year old helped to get some tea brewing for tonight's tea. So, all except frying the potatoes and onions my work is done. :) I am enjoying getting the bulk of the work done at once versus three separate trips in the kitchen each day. I believe I was in the kitchen at about an hour. It will be a little over that in the end but I thought that was good timing, nonetheless!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the conclusion of our last Phase 10 game. We had a great time finishing up on Tuesday night while watching a documentary on eagles. Can you believe that between both nights of playing this one game, it took us a total of almost 3 hours? :) We had a lot of fun. Oh, who won? I did. :D

Sometime tomorrow I am going to have to venture out and get our groceries. That's the thing with being homeschoolers. We have the option to go out and get our errands done while others are in school but if we do then we are home later in the day to catch up. Hmmm, I guess I'll go earlier and catch up later. It's better than dealing with the hustle and bustle of crowds. I need to review the sales papers tonight and finalize my lists.

Have a great evening in the Lord!


Cheryl said...

I also like to get grocery shopping done when most are in school. I avoid the grocery store on the weekends.

I haven't heard of that curriculum before. It sounds interesting. I remember when my kids first started to spell and then they quickly took off with their reading.

I tried to do some doubling up today on cooking. While my English muffins were rising I mixed up some cookies and then baked and cooked the muffins on the griddle at the same time. We have breakfast and dessert done now. I am trying a new recipe tonight for supper.

I hope that your husband's meeting went well earlier this week. We have had games last quite a while as well. Good time spent with the family.

Have a great evening.


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your sweet and warm welcome back to the Homestead. I do enjoy your blog so very much. Love reading about your days and all.
Have a blessed weekend and stay warm.
I love ya,