Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sick Child and Fire Wood

As it turns out, Gloria began going downhill in her demeanor quickly Wednesday night at church. She just was not herself at all. We sat in the nursery instead of staying out with the preaching since she was so whiney. We came home and she was up all night even with having Tylenol in her. The next morning I took her in to be checked at the Minute Clinic (CVS). The practitioner there verified her having an ear infection. I already pretty well knew that as Gloria told me so. If Gloria tells us her ear is hurting then you can bank on her ear is hurting! She is just recently becoming more verbal. With her cupping her ear with her hand and crying, "ear! ear! ear!". I knew she was in pain. I THOUGHT we didn't have any Motrin. Once home from getting her medicine and after purchasing another bottle of Motrin, I found a few bottles here already. LOL

So the rest of the day of Thursday was spent taking care of her and having a long nap. She's quite clingy as it is, of which I do not mind at all especially since she's the baby. :D Then when she's not feeling good, naturally she's right there with me even more. I was able to get some laundry and supper on the table as well.
I was thankful at lunchtime as I picked up Little Caesar's to make work more light.

Yesterday was apple day! Brittany and I worked a few hours peeling and cutting up the apples. I loaded up the dehydrator and we filled two pots to go on the wood stove for apple sauce. Brittany made apple dumplings for a snack yesterday afternoon and made apple cobbler for our breakfast this morning. I do declare! Apple cobbler is twice as good as peach cobbler! Yummy.....

Last night was our usual pizza night, of course. Yes, pizza again. No wonder my children love me. (ha-ha) I try to be a stickler to pushing the healthy stuff but pizza is truly my downfall. I like having our weekly allotment of it.

Today was firewood day. We got a big half a trailer full. We would have gotten more but James had to go on a few work calls so it set our wood gathering short. I have to say that I won't complain as my back can only take so much. We are hoping to get back out there this coming Saturday and work at it again. I am willing to say that we got enough today to last through March. Next trip we want to take some to James' mother's house for her fireplace. Then I am hoping we'll get enough to last through next winter as well.

I am about to season and put some burgers in the oven for supper tonight. I have a kitchen to attend to and clothes to get ready for church tomorrow as well.

I am working on an experiment of sorts and will hopefully share how it is going in about a week or so. :)

I hope that you all have a blessed day tonight and tomorrow.


Cheryl said...

I hope that she is feeling better. I had one that use to have quite a few ear infections. It is hard to see them in pain.

We are having soup and fresh bread tonight. We made 3 apple pies and over one canner load of applesauce today.

Have a great day tomorrow as you go to church.


Beth said...

Good morning Susan. I'm sorry you've had a sick one. Aaron was my child that had ear infections almost constantly. Up until he was about 3, he would no sooner finish a round of antibiotics than he would start crying with his ear hurting. Ear infections make for some long nights with no sleep for baby or Mama. I hope the medicine has kicked in and she's feeling better.

Yum!! Applesauce!!! I have quart jars full of chunky applesauce in the basement but haven't been able to eat any since my ileostomy, too much citric acid in the apples. You can rest assured though that after my surgery tomorrow, I'll be digging into those jars as soon as I get home!! I love to warm up home made applesauce and put it over a hot biscuit with a little pat of butter. Ahhh....that's when we're feasting like kings. :)

Hope you have a good Monday.