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Monday, January 17, 2011

Yesterday was Sunday. First we went to Sunday School and church. We had quite a bit of visitors at church in the morning. That's a great encouragement! The message was on being back-slidden in the heart. After church we got a bit of gas in the van and came on home for dinner. I had made some turkey and rice before church and once we were home I cooked some kale greens to go with. We had sliced tomatoes as well. The tomatoes tasted very good with the turkey and rice. I think that I am beginning to appreciate the flavor of turkey more than chicken. I am thankful to have a good sized turkey in the freezer to cook again soon in the next few weeks.

In the afternoon James took a nap and the children played while I organized our budget and bills. Before we knew it, time had came to go back to church.

We had choir practice before the evening service. The evening message was out of I Corinthians 7. Also, there was a time for anyone to share what they had gotten out of their personal devotions as well. That's always encouraging.

Today we have had light schooling. I have plenty of chores to get done to get the house in better order. I worked in cleaning the livingroom in the morning and the kitchen and diningroom in the afternoon. I am hoping to get some mopping in before beginning supper. With this snow/ice storm the floors got dirty very easily. Thankfully the ice will be all gone soon. Maybe that will be the end of that!
It seems that this year and last year's ice storm brought us ear infections. Do I think it's a coincidence? Ummmmm, no. :D I'd like to be wrong though.

We had lemon pepper chicken patty sandwiches for lunch. We made ice cream sandwiches rolled in sprinkles for their dessert. I did good and didn't have one. :) Tonight I am hoping to bbq some chicken in the oven. I took some squash and peas out of the freezer this morning. I'll season and cook the peas on the stove and may just stew the squash. It'll be healthier than a casserole anyway.

I'd better go and continue with the cleaning. Have a blessed day in God's goodness and grace.


Steve Finnell said...

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Cheryl said...

What a nice way to spend Sunday. It is an encouragement to have visitors at church. I have two more turkeys in my freezer. I do enjoy having them. You can get so many meals off of it.

Have a great evening with your family.


Cathy said...

Sure hope little Gloria is feeling better.

I enjoy your blog so much and love reading about your days.

Love ya friend,