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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As it turns out, our family has been bombarded by the flu! This past year has been the worst as far as us being sick. I just don't know if this is some kind of germ warfare that an opposing government has released or if we are not as immune or if we are just being exposed to sickness more. Funny as it is, we didn't get out as much this past year as years before. Maybe that's the problem. :)

First it started by our 16 yo, then the 6yo, 13yo, 2yo, and 4yo. We have two children and both parents that it could potentially strike. I know that God has allowed it for a reason but for what I'm not quite sure. :D

I have been busy with laundry, meal making, medicine administering and just trying to keep the house semi in descent order. We are six weeks into the new year and I can honestly say that I think we have had one great week of school. We've gotten some done otherwise but I remember that one week as being one of satisfaction of a completed job. Maybe again next week?

Oh, my grocery budget is dwindling too as we keep borrowing from our stash. The children have finicky appetites right now so they feel only able to eat certain things, of which I had stashed away as stock up. So as we open these containers I take it off my budget for this month.

Today will be filled with more of the same, I'm sure. Also, I need to venture out and pay a few bills. It'd be nice if they had online billing but apparently not. Ick.

So, it'll be interesting to see what this day will hold. I hope that it will be easier than before. So, I'm now off to get the children some breakfast.


Cheryl said...

I pray that you all get well soon and the rest of you don't get it. We have something going around our church and community right now. I take Vitamin D and I am not sure if that is what has kept me from getting most of the germs the girls get.

Have a great day and you will all be in my prayers.


Dana said...

I hope this doesn't linger on and your entire family is back to right health in a very short while!!