Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I hope that you all are having a very good week! Ours is coming along. Tuesday James was home from work, sick. Mark it on your calendars, folks! We have been married almost 21 years and I do not remember him EVER calling in to work. EVER. Weird, ugh?
I mean, when I worked at the bank we had sick days. We took the sick days whether we were sick or not. It was know that if you called in and said that you weren't feeling too well that it could mean you weren't feeling well enough to want to come in. :D
Now if we called in sick and stated that we CAN'T come in. That meant we really were sick. Okay, if we didn't take our days we got something like $10 for the day at the end of the year. I would have rather been home than having $10, thank you very much.
James....well he's a real man. He's going to work, work on time and work well. He gives it his all. He's a real man! Still, the poor man was down on Tuesday but back up on Wednesday.

So, we did do some school on Tuesday but it was light. Yesterday we did better and today has been even better. Hopefully tomorrow will be a big shabang of a school day only for it to be time to stop for a few days. Actually we'll be out on Monday as we're going to a church fellowship. There will be about three or so hours of services, then break for supper and then another church service. Preachers of the churches in the fellowship preach..and even outside preachers that are invited by the hosting church. Usually there can be about 200 or more guests. We host it at our church in July.

Lately I have been investigating what to do with our oldest son, Dalton. He is in the 9th grade this year. He recently stated that he thinks he's interested in computer programming. So, I feel all stressed, in making sure that I come up with the best subjects that would meet his needs in that area. I really need to email an old homeschool friend whose son is going to USC (SC). He's taking majoring in CAD. That's something James said that Dalton might would like. I know nothing of this but need to figure out where I can find these type of computer classes that is geared toward home schoolers. It stresses me a little.

Brittany's lot in life seems so wonderfully certain. She is very gifted in music and photography. She has a servant's heart and wants to be a wife and mother. When she graduates next year, she talked of offering piano lessons, doing more photography, and helping widows with chores once a week. Works for us!

Wow, I really need counsel with this other though! I believe for tenth grade, having him take simple keyboarding to build his typing skills and maybe a very basic computer class, of which is required to graduate anyway. Then the following two years we can go more into graphic design, etc.

Okay, so I better get off and get supper started. I defrosted some leftover turkey and am thinking of a basic turkey pot pie. I'd do a salad but that would mean having to drive to the produce stand. No thanks. So I might slice some tomatoes for the side.

I also have some laundry to wash, dry and fold and it's my day to clean the master bedroom. I'm kind of behind! :D


Cheryl said...

I hope that you can figure something out for your son. My son took Engineering Graphics this past semester in college. He used a CAD program.

I have been working through a CSS workbook on building a website. What about something like that? Your daughter has some great plans.

Have a great evening with your family.


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
Sorry James was sick. Hope he's feeling back to normal now.

I just love Brittany's plans. She is one special young lady.

Thinking of you my friend and love ya,