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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I hope that everyone is doing well on this cool March day. Here in our homeland the weather casters are saying that we should have warmer weather again for at least the next week or so! I am happy for that. Planting season is just around the corner!

We have still had sickness in our household. This have been going on for a month or so now. Since the beginning of the year we have visited the clinic three times. This is most unusual for our family. I will be quite thankful for this all to end!

We are still moving along in school. Honestly, I do not know when our year will end as with sickness and various events we have had to take off days here and there. I am guessing the end of the year will be the beginning of June, of which will be right in time for planting season. There's ALWAYS something to do, isn't it? :D With that said, I was thinking just yesterday I will look forward to focusing just on gardening. None of having to do a gazillion things at once. Not that it will actually turn out as so, but I'd like a very simple summer and a time to focus on stocking our pantry with a bumper crop this year.

Speaking of pantry, I am still working on building up our pantry each month. It is quite fun to see the pantry becoming more stocked with each passing month. I am praying for it to be completed by the year's end. Right now I am encouraged with what we have and have a certain system going, of which I hope to share with you soon. It is a combination of things I've gleaned from others and a few ideas that popped in my head along the way.

I am reading through the book Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman for the second time and have been encouraged to split up my days more efficiently to help run the household. Mondays are laundry days. Instead of preparing clothes for wear twice a week, I now do it just on Mondays. Laundry is done daily. With anything that needs ironing it goes in the ironing basket. On Monday, I take the basket upstairs along with some hangers and spend 45 minutes or so ironing. On Monday I also try to tidy the washroom and make sure things are in order. All clothing except for mine and hubby's is stored in this very room. I also try to wipe down the washer and dryer, empty the washer filter if needed, clean the window and sweep/ mop the floor is needed.

Yesterday was the first day for our "new" Tuesdays. This is kitchen day. Yesterday's kitchen day was quite a drama. I'll explain why. Currently we do not have running water in the kitchen or a kitchen sink. Along with our kitchen re-do comes the challenge of taking out the cabinets to put in the new... So this is the reason for no running water and sink. Hopefully this wall will all be done this weekend and we can have a glorious sink with running water and a dishwasher to boot (of which we've been without in a month. Dishwashers are highly over-rated but I am thankful for one nonetheless)! Much more is involved in home renovations than meets the eye, I'm here to tell ya'!

So anyway, with the current status, I do the dishes in the bathroom sink or in two kitchen wash tubs in the bath tub. Water is hauled from the bathroom sink as well.
Kitchen day was most challenging to say the least! Between this and having only 25% of the counter top, it made for a long kitchen day.

Normally on kitchen day, it would include cleaning the kitchen along with baking. Not yesterday as I was disoriented with the mess. The work was not fruitless though as the little girls and I made two batches of muffins, a batch of bread and some granola. I plan on adding in pre-made biscuits to freeze in pie pans to take out later and bake. Also, I need to make two batches of bread to last the week instead of one. It appears as if we eat 8 loaves a week.

A few weeks back we bought a food slicer from Sam's Club on their clearance shelf. It was down to $31.?? and I was SO excited! I've been wanting one for so very long and so I am glad to have another servant in the household. We have used it to slice chopped ham we buy from Sam's but what is most exciting is that it slices bread so well! I get a small thrill each time I slice bread now. Am I a geek? You betcha'! :D

So, here we are on Wednesday. Today is my office day. This is the day that I pay bills, balance the checkbook, plan menus, plan grocery lists, write letters, make appointments and adjust the budget as needed. Also, I review and go over school business. I catch up the school records as well. Internet research is saved for this day as well. So that's what I am doing today!

I am glad that I was able to visit with you again. I hope to add some more posts very soon and share in how we're doing and what is going on in our lives. I hope to also share more food and time budgetting and menu planning ideas as well. I always like when I learn from others and so maybe just a little that I share with you will be helpful. :D

May the Lord be with you and more importantly, may you chose to be with HIM!

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