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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday, May 24

Happy Tuesday Everybody!

It's been a great day so far. I got James sent off to work and as I was walking back inside I thought of how nice it'd be to sit on the front porch and do my Bible reading. So I spent a sweet hour out there. LOVE IT! I would have liked another hour but this is reality. Wink I knew the littles were scurrying around and were wanting some vittles. So I will live off what I got for now. I LOVE being able to talk with Him in the quiet. God is so good-- more than I deserve.

Well, I didn't get the floors mopped yesterday. I did get a lot done but not that. So that is on my list for the day. I also need to do quite a bit of laundry. I enjoy housework, really. There's something therapeutic about seeing things in order and clean. As the youngest gets older, this is becoming easier---not EASY but easIER. laugh So, let's see...floors, laundry, school and quick swishing of the bathrooms. The main room for the day is the kitchen....won't get bored there. laugh

I put some pinto beans in the roaster last night so they've been cooking. For lunch we'll have some bean burritos and for supper, taco soup. I want to get some beef ready for the dehydrator for jerky. I've been trying to come up with some nutritious after swimming snacks. So I am thinking of fruit, jerky, homemade yogurt and banana smoothies. I've been making homemade yogurt with powdered milk. It's the best I've ever made! Anyway, I am hoping to come up with some good snacks that won't make our budget swell.

I am really hoping we will be completely over this cold ordeal this week. Gloria has been running slight fever. I am giving her ear drops and ibuprofen whenever the fever starts. It wasn't as bad last night so hopefully it won't be there at all today. I really pray for NO MORE sickness for us, for a very long time.

Have a blessed day in the Lord and His goodness.


Cheryl said...

I love having my prayer and devotions in the morning after Harold leaves and before the girls get up.

Have a great day.


Melanie said...

Hi, Susan~
So nice to see you're back!!
I'm so sorry to hear about you all being sick. I hope you all will stay well now. :)
Take care.♥

Anonymous said...


This is something I struggle with b/c of the littles getting up and different times. I have tried to reading programs but always "feel" that I'm playing catch up if I cant spend the morning reading through the old/new testaments like the plan says. Do you have a specific way you get your reading time in, like maybe a theme or need of the moment that you use to guide your reading? Would love some input as this is heavy on my heart.
Thanks! Heather