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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catching Up

Well, so it's been a lot of time since I've sat down to chat. I am a bad friend, I know. Please forgive me and show grace. :D We have been very sick for a very long time. This is so crazy. I have been fervently praying for this to leave and not come back. NO MORE SICKNESS, PLEASE!

Besides all that, gardening season is in full swing. So, it's been planted and we even have blooms on the tomatoes and squash. We need a bumper crop this year. We are out of all our vegetable stores... it's time to restock. So, I relish in the nice warm earth and getting my hands dirty. I love everything of summer time. Oh, it's spring you say? Well, around here in SC, when it's 96 degrees, it's summertime. It doesn't matter where we're hanging in this universe. :D

James and children worked hard to get our pool opened this year. It's been quite a few years since we've used it. So we've been able to enjoy that some. Our day mainly goes as such; garden, chores, school, pool, chores, garden... That's the story in a nutshell for this summer.

Oh! You noticed I mentioned school and it's summertime? Yes, yes. School. Remember, I mentioned being sick? We have been sick almost all of this calendar year. So when the children are sick, they don't do much school. When I'm sick, we don't do much school. Then upon recovery we must get the household in a certain stage of order before I can focus on school. So, yes my friend, we will be doing school this summer. Oh now, don't act like that! It's only going to be math and some reading!

Okay, so that's what's been going on here. Please forgive my neglecting you. I hope you understand....maybe you've been in my shoes before and can have compassion.


Cheryl said...

I will be praying that you will all be better and stay well. I have missed your posts, but know the feeling.

Oh, the warmer weather sounds great. As I type I have a quilt around me for warmth. We have a few nice days and then it goes back to cloudy, rainy, and colder weather.

Have a great day with your family.


tiffibug said...

Good luck with your garden this year. If I can ever get a dry stretch of a few days for my yard to dry we'll get our garden plot tilled and finally get things planted.