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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, July 22


Happy Friday! I hope that everyone is having a good week! Ours is going very well. The Lord is so good! Brittany had an ear infection the beginning of the week. We have some herbal antibiotic drops that we have used recently in the past that worked before. Well, they worked again! I am so very happy. The ear ache actually was swimmer's ear. She had serious pain and I am glad that's over. Ear plugs from now on for her!

This past Monday, hubby and I pulled the pump to our well. It's amazing what you learn when you are do-it-yourselfer home-owners! Hubby was able to replace a part and we were able to set the pump back down in the ground. The pump had been running a whole lot more than it should-sometimes continuously and this could wreak havoc on the electric bill...and burn up the pump! So glad it's fixed!

We have been enjoying the wildlife around our little homestead this season! I do love summertime! I am warm for once and get to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature the Lord gave us to enjoy.

I've been doing the normal chores here in the household. To battle high energy bills I have been hanging wash out on the lines. We go through a lot of laundry in this family of ours! You know, I was thinking, women used to-and some still do their laundry only on Mondays--even large family mothers. How in the world do they ever get all that wash done in just one day??? Seriously! I was thinking that they must have worn/ do wear their clothes a lot longer and allow them to be a lot dirtier than we do. Hmmm, maybe I should lower the standards a bit? What do the Amish do even today with large families and washing without electricity. Oh, I know HOW they do it, practically but how do they do so much? I'd like to know that.

Well, Brittany is at a lady's house helping her sew some today. The lady needed help in sewing certain garments. Brittany can sew by just looking at something - so unlike her mother here who needs a pattern. I am so glad the Lord gave her a tremendous brain! So, I'm sure she's enjoying her visit and she should be back later this afternoon/early evening.

Tonight's pizza night! It seems a long time since we've had pizza as we didn't have it last Friday as normal. So hopefully it'll turn out well. I hope to make enough for lunch tomorrow also.

Tomorrow we have hopes of planting our second summer garden. The first gave us a bunch of squash but all else just slowly streamed in...just enough to sustain us day by day but not enough to put away. We'll be set with squash though! So we hope to do another planting of green and butter beans... we'll have to look in the charts and see what all else we can plant right now. Our options aren't as open this go around.
Then it'll be time to think of fall plantings!

Okay, so I'm off. I told the children I'd make them banana milk shakes for an afternoon snack. They are breathing down my neck now. haha

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I love the pictures. I have to do laundry at least every other day. Not sure how they can do it all on one day. Of course, I don't use my dryer (even in the winter).

Isn't it great to have husbands who can fix things? I know I sure appreciate it.

Have a great evening with your family.