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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cost Per Day July 10-15

July 10

fried potatoes and eggs $1.20

lunch at McD's $21.08

sandwiches for suppers $3.25

bev.: milk, tea $3

July 11

breakfast: egg sandwiches $1.65

lunch: leftovers (FREE)

Supper: at a huge church fellowship that we hosted...cooked all day but the only cost to me was: 10# rice $4.00
mayonnaise $3.00, relish and spices for deviled eggs $.50, flour and browning sauce for gravy .25, onion soup mix for gravy .35
sugar cookies $1.00, stir and go salad dessert $5.15

bev:milk $3
Total for day: $18.90


breakfast : leftover desserts from fellowship
lunch: made ham delights from rolls leftover from fellowship $1.25
supper: all leftovers from fellowship
bev. : milk, tea, coffee $1.50


**I am not thrilled with the totals so far. Eating at McD's certainly doesn't help. On the other hand, that cost fed our family of 9(we had money left on gift cards from Christmas..yeah McD's is a rare treat). We ate out because we unexpectedly did not go home when we went to see hubby's mom for her birthday and we were stuck on the interstate for a long while due to an accident. I do think we'll be doing better soon...I hope.


b: eggs and toast $1
l: bologna sandwiches, popcorn, brownies $5.25 (we had friends over for lunch and so this was not bad at all!)
s: oyster stew and crackers $11.10
beverages: tea, milk, free soda, coffee $2.50

total for day $19.85 (ICK!)

B: oatmeal bake .75
L: soft tacos/ taco salad $6.00
S: taco soup...I am so excited about this! corn was left over from Monday so it was free, 1 can of kidney beans .87, leftover taco meat from lunch, tomatoes from garden, cream of tomato soup (free, given to us), handful of cheese .50, handful of lentils .50, a few dehydrated bell pepper bits, 2 T. sour cream .10, seasonings .10 $1.98
cornbread $.50
beverages: tea and coffee $1.00
snacks: fresh loaf of baked bread with margarine .50

Total today: $10.73 (Now, that's better!)

B: cinnamon raisin english muffins with cream cheese $3.25

L: ramen noodle cups for children and hubby, I ate leftover taco soup and cornbread $2.58

snacks: fresh homemade bread .40, ramen noodle cup for me .33

supper: chicken and dumplings $3.65, fried green tomatoes, squash and okra .25 (for cornmeal and milk...veggies were from garden and eggs from coop), peas, shelly beans and sliced tomatoes (free, from garden), coffee cake .50 (made by Brittany from scratch), cole slaw $2

Beverages: 1 gallon Kool Aid, 1 gallon tea $1.00

total: $13.96

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