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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning!

We got our chicks today! The post office called a little before 7am to let us know they were there. So I hurried and went to get them. I am so excited! Well, we all are. :D Sad news is, one of the chicks didn't make it. It was one of the meat birds. They are guaranteed through McMurray, the first 48 hours you have them. So, if James wants, we'll be calling them for a replacement. We'll wait and see if any of the others die in that time period first. The chicks are in our dining room, in a box right now. Still, I know they won't be there for long as they grow super-fast!

Today's a very busy day! Currently, the younger children are in their rooms cleaning them. The oldest two are cleaning the living room. Before I sat down to type this, I was in the kitchen washing some eggs we got from a local egg farm. They are all double yolks and from the place where we are blessed with free eggs. Double yolked eggs aren't expected to hatch well so they give them away instead. With having only three hens right now and only getting 1-2 eggs a day we are having to buy some at the store to supplement. We go through a lot of eggs in our household!

School is going well. We are going to watch a documentary on Abraham Lincoln today. It is on Netflix, instant streaming. I watching some of it the other night and it's EXTREMELY good! Especially since the younger ones are in the Prairie Primer and it is set about the time as Abraham Lincoln, it's quite fitting to watch right now. I love history! Science, not so much, unless it's dealing with nature or the human body but I am trying to be better about that.

Tonight for supper we are having some leg quarters that we bought a while back at .59/lb. I may use some poultry seasoning that we get from Sam's and bake them. Oh, who knows? I may just fry them! That's a rare treat as I may fry chicken once a year here. We have pintos in the crockpot so it will be a side item. I may make some coleslaw and have sliced tomatoes from the garden as well. It'll be pea picking time again tomorrow but am considering today a break from that.


Winona said...

Susan, they are so cute. I know they grow really fast, though. Good luck with them.

Cheryl said...

I love new little chicks. I hope the rest of them live. What a blessing to have free eggs. I can remember getting some double yolkers as kids at my Grandpa's house. We get some occasionally.

Your supper sounds good. Have a great day.


Cathy said...

The chicks are precious.

Thinking of you today and love ya,

Melanie said...

Those little chicks are so cute! I hope the rest of them will do well for you.
I love American history. Sounds like a great documentary!
Supper sounds delicious! :)