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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Painted Bunting

Happy Wednesday!

Well, today's another day...more school, more cooking, more chores. Grin Today will complete our first month with being back in school! I guess our school year isn't so new anymore. In a lot of way I feel good about what we've done. Still, I am glad to have 160 more days to accomplish good things.

As far as chores, today's laundry day for me. This is when I will put away any clothes that's not. All of the children's clothes are in a family closet. For six of the children, their drawer are actually bins on shelves. The almost 3 and 5 year olds like to go in there and pull out what's not needed and throw them on the floor. :Smiley So once a week they go with me to clean up. Also, I have a small mountain of laundry to fold and put away. In addition, I need to basket up the dirty clothes on the floor beside the washer so I can mop the washroom floor. Yep, I've got some work to do! laugh This is the day that I like to line up our clothes we'll be wearing for the week. So I pick out a few church outfits along with a few "going to town" outfits. I also try to make sure we have socks and shoes lined up too.

In a bit, I am going brown a roast to bake for today. I think I'll put it in our electric roaster over some root vegetables after I brown it on the stove top. We'll probably have that with some rice and also gravy from the drippings.

Tonight is church night! We all love going to church and I can't wait. God is so good to give us a wonderful church family.

Have a great day in the Lord!

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Nedia said...

Hey there Susan and James and all my little cousins I never knew about until a few weeks ago. Wow! The Lord has truly blessed you all. Lot's of stuff to do and I know there isn't a dull moment EVER!! I hope one day to see you all before I die. So if you are ever down visiting my way in Huntsville, AL please let me know!!! Love in Jesus to my new found family!!! Nedia Keel