Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy Thursday!

peanut butter balls

This week seems much slower than normal. I suppose that's not so bad at my age. ;D
School has been fine. We've finished our first book for Prairie Primer. We should start this second book tonight. As life has been dictating, we've actually been doing most of our reading at night. It works for us! After finishing the first book, Jesse (9) picked it up and said, "that's a very good book. I think this will be my favorite.". I do hope that he thinks the same of the other books as well.

Brittany has begun her last math credit for school! She started Math U See's Stewardship course. It's GREAT! Steve Demme (creator of MUS) includes a Bible study book to go with. The course says that the extra book is optional. I am requiring it. Steve Demme wrote the book to his sons as godly advice. Why couldn't I include such a thing? I'm excited to read it myself and I have been going through the math book.

Today was an errand day for us. We've split our grocery shopping into two smaller trips this month versus the one big trip. I hope we can go back to one big trip next month! It makes for better time and less gas used. Also, I plan only once so less brain cells are used. haha

We were able to stop by a local thrift shop and get some goodies, mainly for our 3 year old who recently had a birthday. We picked her up some Little Pet Shop goodies. I also picked up 5 bottles of children's vitamins. These were donated to the thrift store by CVS. The date is still good and they cost $1 each for 150 vitamins. Yay!

So Gloria wanted some make up for her birthday. She's starting young, ay? So we got her some Lip Smacker's lip gloss, the play powder compact from the thrift store, some glitter fingernail polish and some fingernail stickers. Fun-fun!

So tonight will consist of reading, painting nails and my finalizing our menu lists for the next two weeks. Tonight we had spaghetti and garlic bread.

Have a blessed night in the Lord!


Cathy said...

Just wanted to say "hi".
Always fun reading about your days.
I love ya friend,

April said...

Those peanut butter balls look Good!!

analisa said...

so, why is the peanut butter ball recipe not posted here as well? that needs to be added please!!