Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday!

James tilling the garden

It's Friday! This is exciting! For some odd reason Thursdays and Fridays of each week are our heaviest school days. I love them! Now if only I could get that feel Monday through Wednesday. It is as it is though. We are getting much done and sometimes much is good. :D We are about to be finished with the first book in Prairie Primer. I'm so excited! Next week we may begin the second book in the series. I don't know who is enjoying this more, the children or me!

Do you ever have so much running through your head that you HAVE to write it down right away for fear of the thought evaporating into thin air, to be lost evermore? This is me all the time! This happened this morning and I couldn't find a pen quick enough so I had to hurry and type it into the computer. I don't know why it is that I must write everything down or I don't remember it. A lot of times, I'll refer back to my lists but sometimes I just need to write it and then I'll remember. There's something about the ink(or lead) putting it on paper that makes it stick. So my life is a bunch of lists. Lists, LISTS, LISTS. Lists of groceries, menus, budgeting plans, household chores, gardenings, things to do with the children, Bible notes and study ideas, Sunday School ideas, decorating ideas, home improvement to-do lists, discipline area lists... Paper...lots of paper... So, I was semi-cleaning out the school room, pulling papers out and throwing them in a pile in the middle of the floor. Then I began thumbing through notebooks and throwing away old ideas. Volumes of words written down....I felt I was throwing away a part of myself but I knew once it was gone, I'd be okay. I am and I lived! I'm still breathing and no one is hurt. I don't miss them. There's more paper and pens to write new plans and still volumes of what's already written to review old plans. Life goes on.

So, today's Friday. Today will consist of a significant amount of learning and it's house blessing day, as Flylady would put it! So, we'll run down the house blessing, errr, list.

Normally we'd have pizza for supper since it's Friday but the baby will be turning 3 on Monday and we're having that then. So, considering I have only frozen, whole chickens, I may go with cubed steak. That's fairly easy to thaw out and fry. Yes, FRY! I'll make gravy and cook rice to go with. My husband will be most happy. :D

Have a great day in the Lord!

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Beth said...

Happy Friday to you too, Susan!

I, too, am a list maker. I have a little journal type book that I got at the $ Store and I make list upon list in it. Sam sees it lying on the table and knows that he'll be busy. :) I have a spiral bound notebook that my grocery list goes into and 2 calendar type books that house my budget/pay by dates and menu. I totally understand. :-)

Your cube steak reminds me of a winter meal. I fixed black eyed peas, smoked sausage, slaw and cornbread last night and Sam was a happy man.

Hope you have a glorious day.