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Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Hey Everybody! I hope you all are doing well. We are doing fairly well here...the same old- same old! School is going fairly well. I would like to pick up the pace a little bit in order to meet our goals for this year. It's amazing how your thoughts change on educating as the years go by! I am sure they will change even more before it's said and done too, if the Lord doesn't come first.

We are still into the Prairie Primer, for the lower grade children. We are in the beginning of the second book. The things you can learn from Laura Wilder's writing is amazing! You could dig, dig and dig some more and never really be done with all there is to explore.

Our oldest is still working on her credits to graduate this year. I feel sad that my first child is ending one chapter in her life and beginning a new one. I miss the wee little girl. However, I do love the older girl as well. I could not have asked for a better child. The Lord did bless abundantly with her!

Our youngest schooler is learning her sounds and just beginning her schooling adventures. Boy howdy, I sure hope this 100 Easy Lessons works! I am so used to our old curriculum that using this other seems backwards in some ways. Anyway, we'll see what happens and if there's any damage, I'll have to patch it up later.

We finally moved the chicks that are about six weeks old over to the big chicken run night before last. They now have more room to move and a bigger feeding box. I am sure they are quite happy there. They are still separated from the older chickens and will be for quite some time. That is, for the ones who aren't hitting the chopping block in a few weeks. I just don't know about these meat birds though. I feel so bad for the, seeing as how they grow so fast that they have a hard time getting around. I think we'll stick with regular heavy breeds to butcher from here on out. I don't know. We'll see.

James planted some greens in the garden last week. Some are by seed and some are seedlings. I am still waiting for the seed to pop up. We haven't had great experiences with seed germination this year. Well, with some we have. The peas and squash flourished this year. We continue to have volunteers to pop up all over the garden. I am allowing them to grow in hopes that we'll have time to get a little of something out of them. Our crowder peas are coming on well. We may get a few more meals out of them before it's over. I have learned for these that we will need to plant quite a bit more to get what we want versus the purple hull peas. The purple hull peas produce amazing well. Who knows, the crowder pea plants might surprise me.

We planted carrots and spinach seed but they haven't came up. I have about given up on those. That's discouraging. It may have very well been where we bought the seed from too. These were from dollar store packs that were marked down due to it being the end of the summer.

We have many chores to get done today. Also, we need to work on getting ready for church tonight. I also need to sit down and mark my calendar with many dates that are coming up. There's so much going on and I am disoriented with what is when. I don't want anything to sneak up on us!

I hope that all of my fellow blogging friends have a great day in your homes and that the Lord blessed abundantly!


April said...

Gloria looks so sweet!!

analisa said...

tired tired baby - i feel like that some days!! sweet child picture!!