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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Usual Monday

I thought that I'd do a "my usual" series. Who knows what will become of it as I just thought of doing that. :D Okay, so for now I am going to tell you of my usual days. I will give yesterday as my usual Monday.

I woke up at a few minutes till 6:00am. First thing I did was get hubby's breakfast and lunch ready for him to head to work. Afterwards, I had prayer time. That's a very good way to start the day--in prayer and service to others. I swished, swiped, and sweeped the bathroom. Then I made the bed and tidied the bedroom. I also got dressed for the day. I made it simple today with just eye make-up and my hair in a ponytail holder. I started a load of laundry and then worked on the room of the day.

Today's room of the day is the livingroom. I was going to take down my basket collection and clean the baskets today but it's raining. I was to do this outside. So instead I decided to dust the room well, including on top of the entertainment center. When did that get done last? It has been a very long time. I also cleaned the ceiling fans, scrubbed down the coffee table and my desk. Then I swept and mopped. It took three changings of water to mop the floor. Nine sets of feet and one week can do some damage to a floor!

By this time, the children were awake, had ate, gotten dressed and were ready for the day. My five year old was ready in time to "help" me mop the floor too! She's going to be a good house keeper one day.

Well now, it was time for school. Mondays are always the hardest with getting school in. I always feel torn between the house needing attention and getting school in. Things were somewhat smoother today.

For lunch, I made simple sandwiches. We had tomatoes, and we know that makes life better. :D A friend of mine found deli ham as a manager's special for .99/pound. She offered for us to split the eight pounds she got. YAY, friend! A gal after my heart. :D

We did a tad more school and then sort of fell off the wagon. I visited on here and the children got to playing outside in between rain showers. I didn't have the heart(discipline) to make them come back in so soon. By the time they were done playing, it was time for the littlest (and Mama) to take a nap.

After nap time I worked in the kitchen to do a quick tidy and then on some laundry. I was also able to go out to the garden. I picked some yellow squash (4), a lonely tomato and a few green beans. I took note that tomorrow I need to get out and pick some peas and more green beans. We'll have some of these veggies with beef stroganoff tomorrow night.

By this time, it was time to begin pizza. Hubby arrives home from work in time to deliver kisses and hugs only to go back out on a call. I set to work making the dough. Oops, I forgot to add the butter to the dough, only to remember after the dough had risen. What to do? I added it and rolled out the dough. Adding this in late made for a greasy feeling dough. I had three little girls wanting to help put the pizzas together. We baked three large ones along with some garlic bread.

We had supper and there's enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow, just as planned! After supper, I should have cleaned the kitchen but did not. I neatly stacked the dishes and headed to the laundry room to fold some wash and rotate the laundry. Will tomorrow be the day we finally catch up on the laundry monster? There's always hope!

We were hoping to go to a church revival tonight but since it didn't work out at least we were able to watch the services on the computer. Yay, internet! Bro. Joe Arthur really has a unique way of delivering a message. :D He cracks me up, yet is so edifying in standing for the truth, the Word and high Biblical standards.

I watched a show on Netflix about how things are made. It was alright but on the edge of being boring. By then it was time for bed.

This was a usual Monday.


Cathy said...

It's always fun reading about your days.
Love ya friend,

April said...

tomato makes a simple sandwich a super sandwich!! I enjoyed watching the services on Tuesday. We also watched the campmeeting in VA at Bro.Treadway's church thurs&fri. I really like these live streaming services!

tiffibug said...

I think maybe I need to have you schedule my days for me. I'm amazed at all you get accomplished!