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Friday, October 21, 2011

A Usual Thursday

I woke up at the usual 6:00. I am thinking of waking up at 5:30 like I used to. Only because it seemed easier to wake up then than later. Strange as that seems, it's somehow true! I made James' lunch and breakfast and after he was gone to work, I lied down for another hour. After I woke again, I dressed, tidied the bathroom and bedroom and made the children's breakfast. I got on here a bit and then had a phone call from a lady who is about to start homeschooling her son. She has been consulting with me on what to do for about a week now. She was frantic today. I was able to calm her down and point her into the right direction.

School went well. I was able to explain math to the 9yo in a different way of which he seems to get! Hopefully he will remember and get it like that today. School was lighter than the others days but we're getting in five days this week so it's fine.

Brittany made a lunch of sandwiches for the family. I had picked squash from the garden. I stewed the squash. I had that along with some fruit and peanuts. I'd rather had eaten a sandwich but I'm trying to be good. :D

In the afternoon I worked on putting up curtain rods in the children's rooms. Also, I did some laundry. The same lady called back in the afternoon for an update. She seemed encouraged. :D The room for the day is the bedrooms. Mine seemed well enough in order, which was good since I was hanging curtain rods.

I made Pioneer Woman's Frito Chili Pie. I saw that a blogging friend had made some recently and it sounded tasty in this cool weather. Turns out that there was just enough for each of us. I'll make more next time.

We had our family devotions. I had said earlier that we're reading out of Hosea. It's not Hosea but Amos. I get confused with these smaller Old Testament books.

We watched a little on Netflix and then went to bed.


April said...

I am that way with getting up at 6 vs 6:30. it sounds funny but it's true -).I am glad you were able to help someone with homeschooling. I know she can learn much from you!! Love Ya!!

tiffibug said...

I forgot all about that recipe. I found it ages ago and meant to try it out. Thanks for reminding me about it.