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Friday, March 30, 2012


photo by Brittany Watson

It was a rough night of sleep as the smoke alarm went off twice last night. The alarms are all tied in together and so we couldn't tell which one was being triggered, either by a low batterie or???. I read that it's good to clean out your alarms as well because spiders or other insects can get into them and cause them to go off. Hmm... So we need a bunch of 9V batteries to replace into them, of which is aggravating because they are all hard-wired so it's aggravating to need batteries.

I woke up at the usual time and made our breakfast. We had omelets and toast with butter and jelly this morning. The children weren't too much into omelets today. They were very tasty though.

After morning chores and devotions we did our morning school. Dalton did his science and math. Samuel, Jesse and Bethany had history and math. Joy-Anna had her phonics time. Jesse, Dalton and Samuel had computer time.

In between all this I took the time to hop on the computer a few minutes, check on the garden and give the little girls a bath. I also helped Dalton tidy the living room. Bethany cleaned windows, Jesse check for eggs- five this morning. Samuel slloooowwwwllly swept the kitchen and dining room floors.

Brittany worked on laundry this morning and has the laundry room almost completely clean! It's her week to do laundry and she stays consistent most of the time with it.
I had worked on kitchen cleanup except Samuel actually loaded the dishwasher as it's his day.

At lunch time, I instructed Dalton on how to make macaroni and cheese. He helps a lot with lunch preparation but I want him to know more than ramen, sandwiches and hot dogs! I think he understood what I was doing. The macaroni and cheese was a little "loose" but it was very tasty. The children watched Family Feud while they ate.

After lunch Dalton worked on keyboarding, reading and PE. Science was on the agenda but he lost his workbook... I did reading, penmanship, grammar and science with Samuel, Jesse and Bethany. We did not get to Joy-Anna's math today but, boy, was she whipping out her addition facts orally. She thought that was quite fun.

Finally around 2:30 I lied down with Gloria. I got Joy-Anna down in her bed to nap as well. Gloria never would go to sleep though, despite lying there for a whole hour.

Finally we got up and I got on the computer a little while. Then I worked in the kitchen some. James came home early, at 4:30!

He went out, put out the fly bait, worked on the pool and tilled the garden. I worked at straightening the kitchen, putting away some produce and cooking supper... chicken alfredo, garlic bread and salad. A friend made some when we visited them a while back and I discovered how yummy it is. I had made it years ago before that and didn't like it.

After supper, Samuel and I worked at cleaning the dishes/ cookware. James came in to tell me how much the fly bait is already working! Good... After doing the dishes, I gave the kitchen a quick mop.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment today, I took liberty in relaxing a little while before bed. Good night and have a great weekend in the Lord!


donna said...

I love it when days goes smoothly. We are having lots of flies right now as well. Every year in the spring, we have tons of them. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cheryl said...

I know that I had our son help out with cooking and cleaning.

We will be getting back into the swing of school next week. We have enjoyed our week off.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


Anonymous said...


We have 4 boys in our house and each one of them help with cooking/cleaning. I read you were putting up produce, Is it from your garden already??? That would be so neat! I enjoy reading about your days but are some very busy people! Have a good weekend together.


Susan said...

Donna, I like it when days goes smoothly too. Have a great Sunday!


Susan said...

Cheryl, I am glad that you had a good week off. Hopefully your first week back to school will be a good one! I do think that it's wise to teach daughters and sons alike how to do household chores and cooking. You never know when it might come in handy. :D


Susan said...


No, the produce I was talking about was from the local produce stand. Hopefully we'll be preserving goods from our garden in about 6 more weeks or so. :D Wow, four boys! You're very blessed. God is so good.


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,

I love reading how your children help around the house. You and James are such great parents.

Love the beautiful picture Brittany.

Love ya,

Susan said...

Cathy, thank you for the compliments. The Lord is good to give us these children. :D I will also tell Brittany that you liked her picture. She enjoys photography.
Have a great day tomorrow, friend!

donna said...

The dandelion jelly is really good. I would suggest, though, using the liquid certo as Mrs. Faye did at Bllessed Hearth. I used powdered pectin(sure jell) and had difficulty getting it to set up. I will definitely use the certo next time. Enjoy your day and God bless.