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Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, March 12

We were able to enjoy seeing this plane from the small air strip from across the main road. That was fun. We get to see different ones a lot on the weekends. It reminds me of the old planes from WWII. I don't know why but it does.

Wow, I slept for almost 9 hours straight last night. That was nice! James and I got up at around 7:30. He is working his second job at the HVAC company today. I hope that things go well for him. There are overcast skies but the temps are suppose to be around 70 today.

I made a breakfast of egg sandwiches. On the menu it was suppose to be cereal(granola) but we're out until I make more. I did a quick tidy of the living room- 4 pairs of shoes and three jackets were shed in the living room. Since when has the living room became a closet? I decided to leave those there for the owners to put away.

The children were sluggish in getting up this morning despite going to bed at 10:00. I called for them to get up at 8:00. Once they were up, they were rowdy and raring to go. Oh, not for school....but to play. So I settled them down into their studies.
Once they were independant studies, I worked in the kitchen. The kitchen cleaning is mine for the week and Brittany has the laundry. It's nice to switch around but I still find myself doing the other out of habit. Brittany doesn't mind. :D

I called a bit after 8:00 for Samuel to have two teeth extracted. They to be done in prep of Samuel's braces. He's suppose to get braces two week from today. I am ready to get this all over with. Please be in prayer that this works well or they are taking about more drastic measures in correcting his problems.

We worked on spelling and writing with the younger ones and Dalton worked on Science. He has now begun using Alpha Omega's lifepacs for Biology. He's not too excited about taxonomy but this will teach a lesson in be content no matter. :D
This section should last about three weeks. As for the spelling, we have a new favorite website to help the children study their words. It is and it's great! If you haven't been to it and you teach spelling to your children, you might want to try it. You enter your own words.

We had ramen noodles for lunch. At lunch I worked in the kitchen some more, cleaning and putting together taco soup for tonight. This consists of a bag of frozen, leftover taco meat, a bag of frozen, leftover pinto beans, a can of corn, about 3/4 a jar of salsa from the fridge. Throw it in the crockpot with some additional water and by tonight, TA-DA, supper! I plan on making some cornbread to go with but half of the family will eat it with crackers.

After lunch we continued with more school. I worked with Joy-Anna with her phonics and math. She is zipping through her math. She doesn't know it all but most. So, I think we'll be buying the next level workbook soon. Fortunately I have all of the teacher books and DVDs now. :D

I went for a quick run to Family Dollar because we were out of envelopes and Dalton needed a new notebook for school. I picked up some more pencils, of which I am convinced that the children are eating. They had pencils at 10 for 50 cents. I thought that was a great price. I bought some paper for Sunday School, watercolors for the children, canned peaches and brown sugar.

I got really tired a little before 5:00 today and told the older children that I was going to lie down just for 30 minutes. James came home about 15 minutes later, just when I drifted and so I just got back up.

I got on the computer a bit then made some cornbread and worked in the kitchen. The little ones did watercolor painting while Samuel swept the dining room floor and Dalton tidied the living room a bit. I rearranged some shelves to display our snowman collection. I suppose I'll have to put them away soon until next year!

We had supper and I also made peach cobbler to have with ice cream. After supper, James and I looked through a farming catalog and I went online to their website to order some fly bait, etc. We've had a rough time with flies the past two summers. I believe it is because of horse barns 1/2 mile away but I am not sure. It seems that when the barns were put up and established, that is when the flies came!

At 9:00 I was zapped of energy so I took my meds and was went to bed before 10:00. Lord willing, tomorrow will be another day, filled with many activities to do!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day! It perked me right up as I read it. Mostly b/c we are sick here this week...Only 3 of us left to get it, so hopeful we'll done soon with sickness and be back to "normal". ?whatever that is ;)?


April said...

I do think that pencils just "disappear" or "get eaten"!!! Taco soup sounds yummy! I think that will be on our menu next week. The spelling website is great. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have issues with pencils at my house. Everyday they seem to come to me and ask for a new one. I have asked them to do a trade. I would like the stubs in return for a new pencil.
I found out one of my girls liked a short pencil. She was breaking them in half. Grrrrrr

I have the spelling site marked. It may be just what we needed.

I will try your Taco soup. Sounds good.
Lenni (momtogirls5)

Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
Thinking of you today my sweet friend.

As always, love reading about your days.

Love ya,