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Monday, March 5, 2012

Where Does It Go?

Aaahhhh!! I typed a big post and it's gone! Don't you hate that when it happens? So, I was asked where we store all of our groceries. Long story, of which I did type, now short. We are currently blessed with a lot of space! We have quite a few cabinets in the kitchen, a pantry and an extra room (small, 8X10) upstairs which is perfect for storage.

Until very recentally, we had not many cabinets in our kitchen. We have been working on renovating our kitchen for about a year. Before then we literally took some wall down to expose the studs and then built shelves between the studs! It worked and was very practical. We got this idea from James' late grandparents. Also, three years ago we added onto our once teeny-tiny home. If I had wanted to stock up at this magnitude before adding on, I would have stored food under the beds (of which we also had clothes stored at). I have seen on YouTube where someone had pushed their couch out from the wall a ways to store food behind it. I would have also stored food under tables as well.

Also, we store our dish detergents, both hand and dishwasher,under the kitchen sink. Most household cleaners go there as well. Our laundry soap stays in the laundry room. Toilet paper, toothpaste, mouthwash, body soap, nightime sleep pants and feminine products are stored in the bathrooms.

We like keeping a lot of food in buckets with gamma-seal lids. I store wheat, flour, rice, oats, pasta, powdered milk, etc. in these. Gamma seal lids are excellent in keeping moisture and critters out.

I plan on doing a few videos on YouTube on our storage and as tips come to me I will give them out on how to stretch a dollar. When I post them, I will post the link on here as well.

It's time for sweet dreams now as I am very tired from that big trip.

Blessings to you and yours!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I had never thought about the hidden spaces, like behind the couch...very interesting. Even though this stock up is a great blessing to your family, I'm sure some part of you is relieved that the shopping is once again done! Here's to the next 3 months........

Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
Love seeing all those groceries.
I know it feels very good to be stocked up. Always love when you post and your videos.
Love ya my friend,

April said...

Nice shelves!! Looks like your trip was a success!