Friday, March 2, 2012

Sample Menu

Here is a sample menu of what we could have for our main meal, for three months.
This was gathered up in a pinch, according to what is on the shopping list and what is currently in our freezer. We bought 10 turkeys at Thanksgiving to have once a month, not including November and December. It is working quite well.
Also, this menu could vary, depending on what goes on sale during the month. Remember, I have about $170 per month to put toward sale items and produce.
I have a basic menu for breakfasts and lunches as well. I will have to post that later.

89 Meals for 3 Months
chicken alfredo (4X)
meatloaf (3X)
spaghetti (6X)
crockpot chicken (3X)
turkey (3X)
turkey and rice (3X)
smoked sausage and pintos (3X)
hamburgers (3X)
ramen stir-fry (3X)
vegetable soup (3X)
chicken and tortillas(3X)
tacos (3X)
pizza (12X)
sandwiches (12X)
pork chops (3X)
ham (3X)
beef roast (3X)
roast soup (3X)
camp meeting (2X)
cabbage casserole (2X)
chicken noodle soup (3X)
chicken and gravy (3X)
crockpot mac and cheese with smoked sausage(3X)


Anonymous said...

Good looking menu...wholesome food and not too complicated so you get to step out of the kitchen abit. I'm still working on the 1 month plan. So far so good, but need to plan better. The last 2-3 days before the big shop are a little challenging with 'what's left'.


April said...

Sounds yummy!! It looks like you you've got a good plan. It helps finding these meats on a good sale!