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Friday, March 9, 2012

TGIF, March 9th

children in the field

Happy Friday! This morning I slept in a bit. I didn't fall asleep until after midnight last night. I took liberty to stay in bed as I already had James' lunch and breakfast ready. Sandwiches were in the 'fridge and we had granola bars. I did not wake until 8:30! That's when Gloria came and jumped in bed with her dimples shining and saying, "Goooooood morning! I love you so much!". What a way to wake up!

I made grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone else's breakfast. I have mac and cheese with bbq weanies on the lunch menu but I think I'll switch that with tomorrow's which is ramen noodles. It's a lot easier to make ramen on a school day than the other.

School got started late today- 10:00am. So, no nap for me today which shouldn't be needed since I slept in. We need to do a lot o' learnin'. :D

Math,penmanship,art and reading for the youngest four schoolers, and writing for the youngest five is done before lunchtime. I work on cleaning the living room while they work. The living room was in disarray and I'm sure it's not a pleasant place to think. Joy-Anna (5) volunteers to wipe down the coffee table and entertainment center.

Right before lunch I hopped on the computer and visited a message board I am a member of. I also typed a post on here about yard saling and then visited our electric company's website, trying to figure out the budget billing system. Laundry was rotated as I stared out the window...I should look on the satelite images and see if rain is coming or not.

I am working on a yard sale list. I think we're (Brittany and I) are going in the morning! Yay! This will be the first one of the season. I plan on going a lot this year. We haven't went much in the past several years. I am going to make a list of things I want and make sure I have the clothing and shoe sizes of everyone here.

After lunch we worked on Joy-Anna's phonics. Also, Dalton worked on science and history. His new science came by UPS today so he got started with that.

I finally gave in and hung two loads of laundry on the line. The sun did peek out a little here and there to tease us. I am going to start making it a goal to have four loads done by four each day. That's a good goal to have.

Today is bathroom cleaning day. I cleaned two bathrooms and Brittany cleaned the other. Samuel cleaned the stairs and hallway. Dalton worked a bit in the school room. Brittany also did a lot of cleaning in the kitchen and mopped the floor in there and the dining room. The house is whipping up for the weekend! We'd usually save a lot of this to do Saturday mornings but the possiblity of yard sales is motivating to get it done now.

Jesse fed the chickens and checked for eggs. A hen was cackling this morning as if she were laying. They should begin now at any time. We began them on laying mash a few days ago. I am hoping we'll begin getting eggs soon...perhaps a dozen a day in the good months. If so then I may sell some of them to put toward the feed bill.

Tonight's pizza night and I am excited to try a new crust recipe. This recipe came from I hope it works out right. There was a video of a man making the recipe and it looked like a good dough.

I am hoping that tonight we can play some games. So hopefully we can get that organized and we'll have some old-fashioned fun.

Right now it's almost 3:00pm. I need to pack our school books away and make sure they're in order for the weekend. That way when Monday morning rolls around, we can get started on the right food.

Besides that, I need to also make granola and fold laundry. In case I don't post again before then, I hope that you have a beautiful weekend in the Lord!


Anonymous said...

It must be so much fun in that house!!!! Hopeing you have a relaxing weekend and find LOTS of good deals at the yard sales.


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
I love reading about your days.
I'm glad you are back blogging again.
Love ya my friend,

April said...

Happy Weekend to you!!