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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I meant to post this on the other computer so that I could post a pic with it. All of the good pics are on the laptop and not this little netbook. Anyway, maybe I'll find a pic to go with from here...

Yesterday turned out to be quite cool, much cooler than it has been. It is very welcome here for a change. Just so long as it doesn't kill the plants! The sunshine has been very bright and lovely to look at as the leaves dance with the wind.

School went fairly well of which I'm thankful. I plan for another good day for tomorrow as well. As for Friday, I think that we will begin our spring break on that day. James is off from his regular job on Friday but he will be taking on a side job to earn a little money for our vacation. Our oldest son, Dalton, will be working with him. So, if any school gets done, it will be with the kindergartener, to go over her phonics and math.

For breakfast we had egg and cheese on english muffins. Lunch we had bologna sandwiches. Supper we had fried chicken strips, baked beans and cole slaw.

Speaking of vacation, I wanted to share a little about that. Monday-Wednesday we will be at a church camp meeting. We go to this one every year. This camp meeting has tremendous singing and preaching. I like hearing the preachers deliver thought filled messages- good food for thought.

On Thursday morning, we will leave the camp meeting and head toward the coast. We'll be tent camping. On Saturday we'll head back home. That evening we'll be taking baths and preparing our Sunday School lesson and getting ready for the Lord's day again!

So, I had a thought this morning that I'd love to share ways to have an ultra-cheap vacation! I'll try to journal out some ways that we save money on trips, particularly this trip.

Okay, so that's all for now! Have a blessed rest of the week. :D

1 comment:

April said...

I know you've got alot of packing ahead of you! I hope ya'll have lots of fun!! I'm glad we will get to share the first part of the week! :)