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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Graduation Time

Much work goes into raising a  child. Many hours of work, worry, work, thinking, work, money, work, praying and work. Yes, it's a long, long process but then so very short. I suppose the process seems much longer while homeschooling. All of those times of wondering if you're doing all you can to develope your child into what is pleasing to the Lord. Sometimes you think that the work will never end. Then all of a sudden your child hits high school age and you know time is running short. The idea of less work in teaching is a welcome one. The idea of your child growing up is not. Seeing pictures of all those years... a picture of the first day of school, ball games, recitals, baptisms..... they're all precious. Time that can never-ever be recaptured.

We had the privilege of attending a graduation of some friends of ours. The family's two oldest (twins) were graduating. It was a homeschool ceremony at a local farm where the boys  young men have and work with horses. Everything was  put together so well. The attendees composed of dear family, friends and church family. Each set of guests had their own special way of knowing the graduates. Each had special stories they were recalling in their minds, I'm sure. The family's Pastor spoke at the ceremony. The mom spoke and gave her heartfelt love to everyone that was there. Then it was time for the dad to pass on the diplomas.

With the passing of the first diploma, there was pause as tears rose into the dad's eyes. A face of bitter-sweetness was displayed. Yes, it is so bitter-sweet. Was there even a dry eye there? The tears rolled as he caressed the diploma cover before handing it over. The graduates cried too. Yes...many memories and many years and many, many prayers...  Once the dad could finally utter out a blessing from within, he promised he'd do better with the second. Those words were hopeful but unfulfilled. His voice cracked with the dread of another moving forward into adulthood....yes, all those hours of teaching, driving to ballgames, prayers, church events... It's almost as if passing the diploma over would close the door on life as was. Yes, precious memories....

May the next chapter in life be as sweet as the first.....and God forbid the emotions arise at our daughter's graduation in a few weeks! Oh, but those feelings of joyful surrealness. Afterall, wasn't it yesterday when we were holding those bundles? I suppose one must rest in this being God's plan, no matter how hard to swallow. God is so good to us. Dear Lord, please keep our children safe all the days of their lives.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Susan! I will be praying for you and your hubby when it's your daughters turn in a few weeks. Oh and way to go on another loss!!!!! 1 day at a time :D


donna said...

What a nice idea! Homeschool graduation ceremony. I think I will consider doing this for my girls when they graduate. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Dana said...

Aww I couldn't even keep from crying just reading this blog post Susan!! I can't believe Brittany is graduating in just a few weeks. Seems like only yesterday that we "met" and begain this friendship!! I can only imagine what a roller coaster of emotions you and James are on right now!! Brittany is such a lovely girl, knowing her through your posts her brightness just shines through!!! Many Blessings to you!! And to her as well as she closes one chapter but begins another!!!