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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was a wonderful day of rest for me. I didn't realize how much I needed, and how I hope to re-create this rest more often. James took the children out fishing a few hours before lunch and then again in the afternoon. I was all alone in the morning. All alone. It was soooooooooo quiet. I don't ever remember such quiet. The last time I was all alone like that, I was sick so it wasn't the same. What did I do? I read. I read my Bible in quiet. I read excerpts for books in quiet. I sat and listened to...quiet. I worked a little in the garden, loaded the dishwasher, wrestled with the washing machine and hung out the quiet. I guess that you don't remember what quiet is when you have years of  no quiet. Don't get me wrong. I love my children dearly but it's good to have a slight break from anything. Even good things. In the afternoon there was only the 14 year old here with me. He worked on the computer quietly. I took a nap, in the quiet. Wow. I felt soooo rested last night. I don't remember feeling so rested and didn't think it even possible. I thought age was catching up with me. Could it be that I was just tired and needed rest? My face looks more rested as well.  Odd. Anyway, so I think James has more fishing trips lined up with the children a few hours here and there. I also need to get the children to bed sooner and my getting up sooner so that I won't forget what quiet sounds like! :D


Cheryl said...

It is amazing what some rest will do for you. I am glad that you got some quiet time. I do get some in the morning after Harold leaves and before the girls get up. It is nice.

Have a wonderful day with your family.


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
Have enjoyed your posts over the past several days.
Your garden is looking GREAT!!
Quiet time is always so special...time to reflect.
Have a blessed day my dear friend.
Love ya,

April said...

Wow! What a treat! Glad you got some good rest!