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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Wow, we have had so much rain lately! Today appears very cloudy and showers are threatening. It goes to show that the meteorologist goes by stats and science. Still, God is God and God puts weather where He wants it. :D

So we are hanging most of our wash upstairs. I do have a load on the line outside of which is probably sopping wet. We usually hang clothes out a lot anyway but right now we have no choice as our dryer is out of order. Long story is on that one! I *do* love my dryer though.

The garden is still putting on well. We are still picking zucchini quite a bit. We aren't having enough yellow squash. We have been fighting blight with the tomatoes and  I am guessing it struck some of the yellow squash plants too. We may replant some more of those. I picked the first pea pod yesterday and a bunch will be ready in a few days. The same goes with butter beans. We'll be in shelling season!  A few days ago I did plant some more peas where some snap beans were.

This week is focused on Brittany's graduation party on Saturday and Samuel's birthday on Sunday. Wow, what a weekend!  So this week is focused on that. We are having the party at church on Saturday and so either tomorrow or Friday we will be going to clean and set up things for Saturday. So on Saturday we won't have so much to do. I need to make final check lists of everything. We are having hamburgers, hot dogs, chips. slaw, baked beans and a few different desserts.

Samuel turns 13 on Sunday! We'll have three teens in the house and I am loving it! I think that the teen years are what you and your children make it. We don't even consider teen drama in our house an option. Puleeeze. ;D Now, maybe hormones play a part sometimes but attitude does not. Hey, hormones are a part of life, all life-long but attitude and drama is not God honoring and not permitted.

Brittany turns 18 this coming week as well. (Okay, this crazy train can let me off now!) For this, we will keep it really low key since we have all the pomp and circumstance  on Saturday. Then there's Father's Day and my parent's anniversary and then my Dad's birthday.....yeah, crazy! We're taking one thing at a time and trying to enjoy the busy-ness.

As for shopping, we'll be doing our "big" shop either tomorrow or Friday as well. I say, "big" because it really isn't near as big as it was three months ago. It's amazing how the savings snowball effect really works. We had so much to buy the first time around and then had an allowance each month for fill-ins and items that hit rock bottom prices. That's when to buy!

While we need to replenish some things for our pantry in this big shopping trip, this time our trip isn't so large due to sale items bought during these three months. A lot of this trip will mainly go for Brittany's party.

Shopping in bulk this way has drastically lowered our grocery budget. I'd imagine that our new diet will help even further. While we were once spending a little over $600 (goal was $600 but usually went over by $25), we are now down to $500 a month. With the new diet plan and with the gas saved, I am thinking we'll be down to $440 a month. This is for food and non food but not including the dogs and chicken's feed.

The main things that I like about shopping quarterly is:

1. We don't have a feast to famine affect as we did every month before. Our freezer is still full and we have a lot of meat. As I am not having to buy everything every month, I can allot some money toward meats, etc.  that are on sale.

2. There are not as many trips to be "big city" to shop. While our local stores can run good sales, there are things at Sam's Club and Aldi that can never be beat by sales and/or coupons. We also like hitting the bread store every three months. With all loaves of bread, buns, bagels, pockets, etc. being .79 each, we rack up for three months and freeze them.

3. Much time is saved in planning.  I plan once for three months and am done with it for a long time! Surprisingly it does not take any longer to plan for three months as it does for one. You just mainly triple everything on the list!

4. The gas saved is wonderful! We habe been able to turn that gas usage around to going the the library and park more. Oh and a big bonus is being able to go to  yard sales! If it weren't for saving gas money with less trips to the big city, we wouldn't be able to do as many fun things as such.

5. Some of the money saved on groceries can also be alloted for yard sale/thrift store money. Resale rules! :D

I am sure I could think of many reasons that I like bulk shopping. I am such a fan that if I had the resources, I'd do it every six months. That's even more gas money saved! It's a beautiful thing!

Okay, so, I am sorry this is long and jumbled up with different subjects but with a shortage of time, I had to throw this in and shake it up! Have a blessed rest of the week in the Lord!


Cathy said...

Hi Susan,
I love your words about teenagers.
Jon and I felt the SAME way. No drama during the teenage years. We had so much fun with them during this time and they knew we would not tolerate disrespect and drama. Such a fun time for parents and children.
And now....Jon and I are soon to be grandparents.
Thinking of you today my dear friend and love ya.

Susan said...

Cathy, I am so excited about your being grandparents. What a wonderful gift! Memories are being made and this is a special time. I can't wait for that time in the future! Enjoy it all, friend!Love you,

Anonymous said...

My goodness, this will be a very fun filled few weeks for you. Is this your family's first homeschooler to graduate? We ditto you on the NO DRAMA during the teen years. Absolutely wonderful to hear someone else agree on this! Take care Susan. If your'e not able to post for abit, we'll know why.

Anonymous said...

I forgot....CONGRATULATIONS on your lose Susan! I didn't see the marker until after I had posted. Anywhoodle, Keep up the good work sister. You'll reach your goal before ya know it!


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Susan, You are doing great on your grocery budget! I could never exist on two meals a day tho! lol Sorry the bugs are getting some of your garden. Good for you trying to enjoy all the busyness. Keep enjoying your teens. Kids grow up fast! May I congratulation Kathy too on her news of becoming a grandparent! I read her on the Homemaking/Homesteading site! Have a great evening! Nancy

donna said...

Lots and lots going on at your home. Fun times!! I'm glad your garden is doing good. Enjoy your day and God bless.