Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello, I wanted to post our "schedule" for this summer. This is mainly how our days flow.

***************Summer Schedule*******************

6am  Mom's Morning Routine:wake, quiet, breakfast, dress, swish/swipe/sweep,

make bed, quick tidy bedroom, look at calendar

children's morning routine: wake, tidy bedroom, wash, dress,

breakfast, teeth++, swish/swipe/sweep children's bath++

feed animals ++

Free time/ garden work/ various chores

11:00 Lunch

11:30 Kitchen clean-up, Quick Tidy

Early Afternoon: story time, nap time/ quiet time!!

Swim, preserve food

4:00 floor time, declutter 10 minutes

5:00 quick tidy, finish supper

6:00 supper, kitchen clean-up++

6:45  free family time(board games, swim,outside games), quick tidy

8:10 devotions

8:30 children's baths/showers, teeth ++

9:00 younger children to bed

10:00 Mom shower/bed , older children to bed


April said...

I really like the more "relaxed" routines of the summer. that being said there is always something to do :) I always like looking at your schedules!

donna said...

Looks like a great schedule. Lots of fun times. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Susan, Looks like you are good at staying on top of things and keeping things neat and orderly! Good for you! Nancy