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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello All,

I am enjoying a quiet morning at home after a very busy few days. Today I will work on catching up on housework. I want to get the house smelling all fresh again! I think we will continue with our study on the Presidents as well.

We have been doing only the necessities with housework as we have been coming and going so much the past few days. The ball on our cleaning routines was dropped on Friday. Wow, so much has happened since then! So on we march today. Monday is living room day and so that room is pretty well picked up all the time. I really don't desire to dust yet as James is sanding drywall in there. More dust from that will fall before it's said and done. Today is our usual kitchen clean up day and that's quite appropriate. So there we'll be. I will work on probably 3 loads of laundry today well. Brittany will make sure the  main bath is tidy. We still do our daily swishes and swipes so we're good. I'll need to mop in the kitchen and dining room.

Last week we went to our favorite thrift store and I purchased a bag of felt for $3. I was so excited to find this as I have been wanting to make finger puppets. I am making a set for some friend's Christmas present as well. When it's all said we will have two sets made and all for under $7. I had bought some googly eyes and will need a few sheets of yellow felt for some ducks. I am thrilled!

Brittany found some white fabric for .25 a bundle. We bought what they had. Also, I found some headbands with pretty flower embellishments. I had been wanting some for a long time but never had to means to buy them, nor the thought to actually make them. Us girls have enjoyed them a lot! I need to purchase some clippies to hot glue to the backs of them though. Only one was complete with a clip.

This week we are hopefully giving away some puppies. We have four people that have requested them so I hope they really mean it. :D We're keeping one and then that will leave FIVE more. We've been advertising them through Facebook.

Okay, so that's about what our week looks like for right now. Maybe I can hop on here and post a bit more. I need to do a few YouTube videos per request. For the friends that requested, I'll have them soon...
I had one taped but I am not happy with it.

Have a great day, friends!

1 comment:

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Susan, Isn't it exciting when you find good buys at the thrift store! Nancy