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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday or no...Wednesday!

On Monday we had a preacher's fellowship at church and so we were there the most part of the day. So yesterday felt like Monday and today feels like Tuesday. No, it's Wednesday! Blah! I was thinking that today was kitchen day but that was yesterday. Today is laundry room day of which is really a good thing. :D

Yesterday my mom called and said that my sister had a sectional couch that she wanted rid of as she was getting a new one. It is in great condition and almost perfectly matches our old couch and love seat. We are keeping our old couch, taking material off the old love seat and using it to reupholster the arms of the old couch. We are also keeping the cushions from the love seat as replacement ones if needed in the future. James picked up the sectional and it fits perfectly. I am excited! There's an ottoman to go with it as well. James will pick this up one evening this week after work.

We are two puppies less as some friends came by and picked up two. One of the friends said that they know a lot of people so hopefully she'll be back with some more takers. We also having some more friends coming possibly this weekend to take two more. Yay!

We have been getting quite a bit of rain, which is so nice. I need to see if anything is surviving out in the garden. We haven't been out there since Saturday. I am hoping for some surprises. I know we have more squash plants coming up. Also, I want to get some more tomato plants in the ground very soon before it's too late.

We had leftovers yesterday from the preacher's fellowship meal. We will have some more today as well, which is so nice! I am also going to cook some oriental pepper steak from some bell pepper James brought home last week. Some of the family does not like pepper steak so they can have leftover roast.

A table was moved out of the living room and into our bedroom. I need to put it in it's corner, clear and dust it off. Then I'll put my net book on the table along with some of my favorite books, the phone, etc. I hope to put a chair in there as well as a little quiet time desk. There's a small table there now of which I may put in the stairwell for a pleasant change.

We have more good news! James does not have to have hernia surgery after all! The doctor said just to not be doing any crunches as this could make it worse. James joked and said, "well, there goes my six pack abs!".

We'll study some more of about the US Presidents today. We did not get a chance yesterday. Also, we have mid-week church services tonight.

Have a great Wednesday!


Cheryl said...

What great news for your husband. I know we get thrown off on days as well.

We are picking beans this morning, our first ones this year.

Have a wonderful day with your family.


Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Isn't it fun to repurpose things! Good to hear your hubby does not have to have the operation. I have to stop and think sometimes even what month it is! Have a great day! Nancy

Cathy said...

This is great news on James. I have been wondering about this.
As always, love reading about your days.
Love ya my friend,