Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Monday!

This past weekend went fairly well. On Saturday I did a lot of cooking and being in the kitchen. I also lined up some clothes for the girls for this coming week. We have revival church services each night this week. The fellows seem so much easier to dress.... a suit and tie with black socks.... DONE! : D
Yesterday's services began our revival week. We, along with another couple, hosted the Evangelist, our Pastor and his family. We had a big spread of which I am thankful for. We ate in the fellowship hall at church and stayed there the rest of the afternoon. The evening service went well too.

The new week is here and boy will it be a doozy! Basically, here's the plan.
~Mom wakes, quiet time, gets Dad sent off to work, more quiet time
~Children wake up, get dressed, have  breakfast with a Bible reading
~We do morning chores. This lasts about 30-45 minutes.
~ Schoolwork begins and lasts until lunchtime (2 1/2 hours)
~ 1 hour lunch break
~ afternoon chores
~ I leave  to take Mama to radiation, will be gone about 2 hours. While I am gone, the children does a list of independant school work and then has free time. Hopefully the two youngest is having a nap at this time.
~I come back from radiation and gets supper finalized to eat. We eat (about 5:30).
~Get the little ones a bath, others have showered in the morning or late evening before.
~ All get dressed to go to church. Leave for church from here by 6:50, Lord willing.....depends on James' arrival time from work.
~ Come home, have a quick snack if wanted, we all get ready for bed and get some ZZZZZs.

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April said...

I KNOW you are going to have a busy week!! I pray that all runs smoothly!! Love you much!