Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu Monday Sept.. 17

Now these first few days of this week are going to seem odd as I have tons of leftovers from dinner yesterday! The lady that helped cook the meal with me gave me some bisuits and some mac and cheese. A wonderful friend cooked a meal for me this week as she was concerned of my busy-ness and she cares. :D We had some of her meal last night for supper and the rest will be ate today. So here goes our crazy menu and budget. :D

Breakfast: leftover muffins we had yesterday morning that the children are shunning. We will eat (or not) these this morning and the leftovers go to the chickens. $0

Lunch: leftover buffalo chicken on leftover salad
Supper: meal from friend and leftovers from yesterday's dinner $0

beverages: $1

snack: pb and j $2

Total for today $3.60

Under budget this month by $ 21.40

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